I thought I’d found it, I really did.

GRACE, that soulful something that excuses unintentional error.  I thought I had it. I thought it was there, right in front of me, in my grasp.

GRACE, that  generous spirit of forgiveness.

GRACE, that thing that speaks to flawed hearts a need to be gentle with others.

GRACE, that sweet note of Christ-love.

GRACE.  Civility that doesn’t mention an embarrassment when the only thing to be gained by mention is “I’m right” and “You’re wrong!”

I was encouraged when I thought grace was in play.

I was blessed.

I could almost feel the breath of Life on my chest, relieving me of shame, embarrasement; lifting the fear and dread and carrying it far away.

It was this close, and then..

The Enemy!

The Destroyer!

The Author of Pride!

And then, it all fell apart.

GRACE: I hunger so for a glimpse of you, but you’re no where to be found.

My head wants to scream to the ‘verse, but it’s not true.

One is not many.

Many were gracious.

Many were forgiving.

Many understood.

Many thought love more important–ultimate.

Many understood the need.

Many understood their failings.

Many came to my side.

Not phsycially, but in the spirit realm.  They came!!

A few prayed. They prayed hard!  They were warriors.

It’s not their fault, this failing.

Oh, how I look forward to the day when mistakes are wiped away.

When Love is all around.

When encouragement won’t have to be earned!

When unity prevails.

Not on this side of the curtain, the Spirit whispers, but wait…

…it will come.


I’m expectant.

Now, sad.

One day.

GRACE, in pockets of peace you’re found.

Not a lot, but a little. Enough to keep me going for another day.

Enough for now!

GRACE, refine me!  I want to be more like you.  I want to reflect you in my daily life. I want to love more than I want to be right.  I want to forgive, more than I want to hold onto resentment.  I want to see victory more than I want to knock down.

GRACE, I want You!!!


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