Remember folks, this ain’t literature, it’s my 5-Minute Monday poem and stress-reliever, so take it as such. 😉

So. Much. Fun!


It’s Monday.

Fun Day!

My week can begin.

It’s Monday,

not Sunday.

I’m ’bout to dig in.

The week is before me,

potential galore.

A plethora of choices,

a passel or more.

I could mop the kitchen.

I could trim the shrubs.

I could bake some cookies

His feet, I could rub.

It wouldn’t take long to change out burnt-out bulbs,

or maybe…

just maybe…

Oh, could I? Yes, please!

Get out in the sunlight and stroll in the woods?

I would, if I could, and I can.

“It’s all good!”


2 thoughts on “My FIVE MINUTE Poem

    • lorihoose says:

      Ha! I love you, Jean!

      Poetry is an odd duck, but one that is weirdly alluring to me at times.

      Sometimes, poetry and me partner up to expose what is rattling around in my head, and in those times the poems I write are clear, straightforward. But sometimes poetry helps me veil what I’m thinking, while exposing what I’m feeling. Then, the process becomes a kind of cathartic therapy for me. Others might not understand any of what I write in that space and time, but the heart knows. The heart knows, ya know? 😉


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