Winston Churchill Wisdom

The maxim, “‘Nothing avails but perfection,’ may be spelt shorter:  ‘Paralysis.”  Winston Churchill

Where does the need to be perfect come from?  It’s true that if we never attempt anything beyond our certain abilities others cannot critique what we have done, or failed to do in harsh ways, but then haven’t we made them our masters?

Oh, Christian, it should not be.

If we never attempt to do anything beyond our certain abilities, where is faith?


Where is trust?

Where is journey?

Where is wonder and amazement, and the attainment of goals we have stretched ourselves to achieve?

Paralysis is unacceptable.

Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Today, I shall not be afraid to attempt good things in this world. I shall not grow weary in doing good, and I shall never, ever, as long as I live tell anyone that they cannot do more than their certain abilities imply.

We can, and we shall, God being our helper!!!

What thing have you wanted to try, but resisted, fearing you might fail?  If all resources were available to you right now, what would you do, and why?


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