Migraines and Goals

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As I post about my goals this week, my hope is that I can continue to do what I’ve recently been doing, making changes to improve my health.

Habit–it’s so important in our lives!  Repetition is the only form of permanence that seems open to us, so we need to do the next right thing the same way we did the last right thing, over and over, and over again.


It has become unpleasantly clear that my body is going through yet another physical change as I post today’s update. I have experienced two migraine headaches in the last two weeks. No fun! Both have included oral distortions followed by pain in my face and forehead, and that feeling of being fuzzy-headed the next day. So NOT fun. Yesterday’s headache came on during the final stage of our trip back from the Amtrak station in Rochester, NY.

Of course, I was driving when I began to experience vision problems.

I’ve only ever had three migraines in my life.  The first was an atypical one, without pain. That one happened about 7 years ago. Then on Wednesday, Feb 10th, my second migraine hit. It was early in the morning, about 6:45am, like the other time. Yesterday’s migraine began with the crazy electric rainbow in my field of vision and was followed by the usual symptoms. Not atypical at all. Ugh. One thing I know, I’m not liking the re-occurrence of these migraines.


I’m going to make notes re: success levels for each goal that was on my list last week, letting you know how I did as I list them off today.

1 DONE AND DONE! Send a special note to my friend this week, telling her how proud I am of her for what she’s planning to do and telling her honestly, from my heart, how much I will miss her once she is gone.

I sent the note, and think she felt blessed. I hope so!

2 DONE, BUT THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT ON THIS ONE. Bring concepts of faith and empowerment into the meeting I will be attending on Saturday, offering positive suggestions for the future and sharing my ideas about how we can be more inclusive with the community around us going forward.

I guess I’m not the best judge of how the meeting went, but I know I felt empowered afterward when I heard that some tiny suggestions from the meeting we already under way. Woohoo!

3 YES!!!!! Exercise for 15 minutes each day, and use controlled fasting to cut back on calorie counts this week.

I accomplished this third goal every day this week and feel pretty good about that. Most of the exercise I did this week was done on the bike.  I am still kinda hurty, so staying away from the bendy, stretchy types of exercise right now.


1 Investigate small group options for getting together with some lady friends of mine in the near future. If I don’t make this a goal, it won’t get done.  I won’t complete the plans, but will get started on the project. That should be teeny enough that I can accomplish this goal.

2 Continue on with current eating patterns for one more week.

3 Exercise for 15 minutes each day this week.

There you have it–my list for this week. This list isn’t glamorous, but it does reflect a “steady as she goes” mentality, and that’s important to me right now.


I’m expecting this week’s goals to get smashed. I’m expecting that outcome because of all the work I have already done with my lil goals. I’m becoming more confident as I set goals every week, and learn to do what I’ve said I will do consistently. I can do anything for one week, and so can you!


One final thing before I go: If you have someone in your life who keeps expecting more of you than you can give, consider turning down the volume on them in some way this week. Maybe email them less often. Maybe pray for them more often. Maybe look at why their opinion is so important to you. Maybe open yourself to another dynamic right now. It’s always good to change things up from time to time, and especially good to re-evaluate the things we are doing in our lives that are either working for us,  or not. Take a look at your “working” list this week, and be good to yourself by making some changes.

Change IS possible. I know, I’ve done it. You can too!

What changes will you make in your life this week? What goal is out there calling to you, “..walk this way”?


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