Smarter, Faster, Better

Some of you know that I love Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. I’ve read it, reread it, read articles about it, and then listened to it on CD. To my surprise, I received an email this morning that informed me that Charles has published again, a second book: Smarter, Faster, Better.


I love Charles! He’s such a down-to-earth, write-me-and-I-will-respond-to-you kinda guy.  Of course I’m going to buy his new book.  I couldn’t resist, even if I wanted to–I love the way his brain works and how he lays words on the page.

I thought it would be fun to give Charles some press on my site and include you all on the note I received today, and my response to it.

Charles wrote:


I hope you don’t mind this brief note. I wanted to write because we’ve corresponded in the past about my first book, The Power of Habit.

Over the past four years, I’ve been working on a new book – Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Productivity in Life and Business – that comes out next Tuesday. (There was an excerpt from the book in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, examining how Google spent millions learning to build the perfect team.)

Smarter Faster Better explores the question of why some people and companies get so much done. It examines the science behind decision making, goal-setting, focus and motivation. It tells the stories of the Disney filmmakers who made Frozen, who were on the brink of catastrophe — until they shook up their team in just the right way, sparking a creative breakthrough. It explores how the F.B.I. adopted an agile mindset (and new management style) to solve a kidnapping. And it describes a Marine Corps general who, faced with low morale among recruits, re-imagined boot camp — and discovered that instilling a “bias toward action” can help turn directionless teenagers into self-motivating achievers.

I would be honored if you might consider buying a copy, and I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks so much – I hope your day is nothing but productive,


(P.S. I’ll be visiting a number of cities to talk about Smarter Faster Better. If you feel like joining me, there’s a schedule here. If you’re in New York, I’ll be speaking at Random House the evening of March 8.)

I responded with:

Thank you for letting me know about the new book, Charles. Of course I will be ordering one! I loved your last book and have talked about it incessantly with anyone who would listen since I read it, read articles about it, shared those articles on FB, and then listened to it on CD in the car. In fact, I recently talked to a group of MOPS, where I shared my belief that habit is one of the cornerstones of a strong sense of confidence in women. When you do good things and do them consistently, you have real reason to feel proud about your accomplishments.

You, Charles, have real reason to feel good about your accomplishments!!!

I live in northeastern PA, between Binghamton and Elmira, NY, but on the PA side…near enough to NYC to get there, but not sure I can get there by March 8th. Are there other cities nearby where you will be speaking? I would love to come and hear you talk about the new book. It sounds fascinating!

Thanks for the link you included with your email. I’ll be ordering a copy of your book today.

God bless and go get ‘em. I’m over here rooting for you as you do! Lori

Who have you included on your top five all-time favorite authors list?  What is your favorite book of all time?


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