International Women’s Day


Did you know today is International Women’s Day.  I didn’t.

This year, Google Doodle marked International Women’s Day by asking women around the world to complete this sentence:  One day I will…

The object of this project was to afford women the chance to talk about their dreams and ambitions.  What a great idea!

I want to take the opportunity afforded by Google Doodle to answer this question for myself, so here goes…

One day I will have discovered what it was I needed to do to gain optimal health and wellness on this earth (before meeting Jesus in the air), and in grasping that understanding I will have gained complete assurance of His grace in three areas of my life.  I will have become Spiritually complete, Emotionally sound, and Physically fit and in alignment with His plan for my life.

One day…

Right now, though, I continue the education I need to get me to this goal.  Between now and when I have completed that education, I have to fill out a Roth IRA application form, ramp up my study of God’s word for Sunday, and give thanks to Papa for the incredibly genius and genuinely gorgeous women He’s brought into my life.

I really am blessed by the company I keep.

Thank you, Lord!

One last thing I want to share before I sign off today…  While I am not a feminist by any means, I am pro women!  I believe in women! I believe in their abilities, their beauty, their talents, and their power in this world.  Not only do I believe in women, but I need women to believe in me.

We need each other!

Ladies, if you can do something to help another woman, do it.  Always do it!  Jesus loved women and he gave them wonderful positions of power in his world-changing spiritual revolution.  We need to follow his lead and do what he did.  We need always to encourage one another!!

Together, we get better!

How would you answer a questions about your hopes and aspirations today, if asked?  One day, what will you do, say, be, plan, give, take, accomplish, or begin?





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