3 Reasons I’m Loving this Time change

000daylight savings spring-forward

If you’re like me, you’re living in NEPA, USA and you’re getting ready to spring forward one hour this weekend. I’m particularly happy to be changing the time on my clocks this weekend for a couple of reasons…

1  I’m going to be traveling out of town this weekend, so having to remember to call Mr and have him set his clocks ahead on Saturday night is going to add so much fun and zaniness to my weekend.  Goodness, yes, that was sarcasm.  Whadda you bet I forget to call, and Mr forgets to change the clocks and is late for Sunday School?  He’s filling in for me, so of course he will forget.  I will forget!  Odds are even money that will happen, so no one should place a bet, okay?  No one will get rich on this scheme.  😉

2  The batteries are low in my wall clocks right now, and one of them is a particularly snippity fellow who always gives me fits when I try to put him back where he belongs after changing his batteries.  This time change will accomplish two tasks then, the time change and the battery change. Woohoo, I won’t have to struggle for no good reason!

3  Going forward, it will begin to be lighter longer each day in NEPA, and I’m all for that!


One thing that is a problem for me when tackling this time change thing, I’ll be honest, is that I have to do hard math to figure it out.  Yikes!  In the event that I forget to change the time on our clocks at home, will I be late for my Sunday schedules at the church, or early?  I don’t know.  I think because it’s spring I would be late if I didn’t set them, but then again, hard math has never been my forte.

Did you remember that this weekend you need to spring forward before reading this post (be honest–this is for posterity)?  According to your math, am I right that we will be late for church if Mr doesn’t set that clock ahead?  

Inquiring minds want to know…



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