Movie Night with the Mr


On a lark, and because I had held onto this borrowed CD too long already, Mr and me watched Fireproof together Saturday night.  We hung out on the bed, snuggled, and watched the movie together–something we rarely do.

Mr and me, we have really, really, REALLY different ideas about what constitutes fun!

I love live theatre; he merely endures theater (and we don’t even spell it the same way).

He loves guns and bullets, and shooting and hunting and all things wilderness. Me, not so much.

I love writing.  He enjoys reading, but writing? No Way!

He loves motorcycles, which I think are high speed death traps.

Suffice it to say, we are different. Very different. Night and day different in many aspects of our lives, but one thing we share–a desire to stick together through thick and thin and grow old together, for as long as the Good Lord gives us today.

We both liked the movie.  I thought Kurt Cameron “brought it”!  Good job, Kurt!!!

Mr. had seen the movie before, I had not.  I’m anti-hype, so I never get on the band wagon when stuff like this is trending. I hang back, wait, show noted skepticism, then sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I circle back around to see what everyone has been raving about.

My review of Fireproof:   Good message.  Kurt did a solid job.  There wasn’t a lot of mush in the movie, which I liked, and I liked the scene where dad and son talked together (argued) under the cross at camp.

I’d like to take the Love Dare.

About that:  I’m not sure I could get ‘er done in forty days.  Mr and me, we’ve kinda fallen into a pattern after all these years.  But then again, isn’t that the point of the movie–breaking out of those predictable patterns that turn into ruts in our lives?

Saturday night we did something together that was out of our normal pattern of behavior. It was fun.  We both enjoyed it, and from the number of times Mr touched my leg or looked knowingly into my eyes, I’m guessing he was picking up what the movie was putting down.

We need to not take each other for granted.  I was reminded, too.

Someone had loaned two movies to me, movies they thought I needed to see, I guess (though I’m not sure why).  Fireproof was one of them.  I’ve now watched it and returned it to them.  I have one more movie to watch and return before my debt to this other is paid.  Movie, anyone?

Have you seen Fireproof? What did you think of the movie?  When was the last time that you and your Mr closed the bedroom door and did something together, just the two of you?  😉


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