One of those days


Yesterday was one of those days…

Frustration is a fuel for emotional eaters like me.

Guilt can drive me to the chips and dip.

Anger? Oh, yeah! Anger definitely has the power to get me there!

Life on life’s terms isn’t easy for me to handle some days, but knowing I don’t have to handle it alone brings relief.  Whatever I face, and however it turns out in the end, I have confidence in God to bring me through it without finishing a half gallon of ice cream by myself.

My Jesus has not left me in the lurch in the past, and I don’t expect Him to now.

Today, I’m trusting in Him! Who are you trusting in?

Have you had days so frustrating that you just wanted to pull your hair out?  What tricks of the trade do you employ in those moments, to steer you back from the ledge, to sanity once more?

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