Movin’ South


Today a good friend and confidant is packing up and saying her good-byes to family and friends in the Northeast. She and her mister are headed south, to Georgia. I will miss them both.  They have pursued and accepted a ministry position that will keep them hopping for the Lord for the next twelve months. They aren’t sure what will happen after that.

Are any of us sure what will happen in a year’s time?!

I wanted to pop in here today to say that I will miss my buddy in ministry when she’s gone–a LOT!  I wish her well and know that God is about to use her in incredible ways, but there is still a lil place in my heart that is sad about her going.  She’s ready to explode on the scene in GA, and God is ready to have a willing servant there who will go where he tells her to go and do what he tells her to do, I know this, but still…

I think the Lord and this couple are going to cook up some delicious dishes for the spiritually hungry to eat in that hot and muggy place.

These guys are willing–so willing!

Please pray with me that as they head out, God will lay a smooth path before these two.

To Him be all glory, and honor, and praise in this world and the next! 

I have great confidence in this venture because I know our God is good–all the time!!!

When have you been called out from among them to serve as part of God’s mission?  Whta unexpected joys did you encounter along the way?



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