Appreciating the passionate


I read something today that made me think of the wonderfully talented and passionate people in my life…

I want you to read it too.

Hop on over to The Seeds for Life and give it a look-see, won’t you?

Don’t wait.

Don’t put it off until later.

This is something you need to read!

I promise, it will encourage you.

We all have things in our lives we are passionate about.  When we practice them, they energize us–so let’s practice them more.

I’m passionate about God, my faith journey, my writing and strong women. What are you passionate about?


3 thoughts on “Appreciating the passionate

  1. J Bird says:

    I reposted this on facebook! It is amazing how much we can learn about others by just asking questions that matter, asking sincerely and listening to the answers.
    I am passionate about learning, writing and encouraging people to pursue God’s best in their lives. Being one who is frequently in need of encouragement, and blessed to have friends who meet that need, I long to pay it forward to others. As my friend always says: “Together we get better!”

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    • lorihoose says:

      I agree! Asking questions, learning from the answers we get, working together to encourage one another–its so, so important a component of the Christian life. Sometimes I crave that unity more than other days, but I’m always more encouraged in my own life when I’m able to encourage others.

      What I have found, though, and maybe you see this too, is that it has to start with me. If I am not encouraged, it is really hard to encourage others. We need each other, of that I am sure. Thanks for sharing, Jean. You’re a great encourager–keep up the good work!!!


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