She’s Backkkkk

TGT mast head-APR 2016

I’m back with another set of teeny, tiny goals to share with you.

I took a small hiatus from goal-setting when life got hectic a few weeks ago, but I have not forgotten this adventure I’m on to create habits that will serve me in life. No way!

I’m still eating oatmeal almost every morning! My body loves this stuff.

I’ve also been trying to exercise, and I have done it some, but I am struggling, really struggling with the pain and numbness in my leg.  Probably time to see a chiro on that, but you know me. I will have to wait until I can’t tolerate the hurt to go.  Why, oh why, do I procrastinate so much about these things?  Only heaven knows.

For now, I want to publish three goals for the week and get busy completing them.


1  Set a time for meeting with that new spiritual director I’ve contacted.

2  Attend a Saturday night function at the church that promises to be uplifting.

3  Finish up PR for sale at church, getting signs updated and posted in the community.

Every May we have a huge church sale. All proceeds from the sale benefit the Benevolence Ministry at the church I attend. We use that money to help struggling individuals in our community all year long. We’ve done some great work with those funds in previous years.  We will do great things with it again this year.  I love this sale. It’s so much fun!  I hate rummage sale-ing, so its weird that I love this event as much as I do, but I think I love it so much because of all the good it does.

What teeny tiny project have you been putting off?  Can you include that in your teeny, tiny goal list for this week?


2 thoughts on “She’s Backkkkk

  1. J Bird says:

    For the last few weeks my teeny tiny goals have suffered as my attentions have been ambushed by some not so teeny tiny changes in my life. Not bad changes, as a matter of fact, very good and exciting changes but all change increases the stress level and can throw your best laid plans by the wayside.
    However, thank I thank God that I have been setting those teeny tiny goals long enough now that they remain in the back of my mind and of late have been pushing their way to the front and refusing to be ignored. Also I have an awesome friend who helps me to stay on track and lovingly holds me accountable for promises I have made to myself. I have been eating my oatmeal pretty regularly. My goal of sorting and packing has morphed into unpacking and sorting and my exercises have all but disappeared.
    So, these are my teeny tiny goals for this week as I try to get back on track:

    1. Be up by 5:30 am Mon-Fri for adequate time for devotions before work
    2. Take 30 min every night to write thank you notes (that are way overdue!)
    3. Evaluate and re-post teeny tiny goals every Thursday

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