Effort, with a capital E


I know, I know, not everyone likes Phil McGraw, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some good things to say about goals and getting to them in a more efficient manner, right?

Recently life has taken a turn for the more dramatic at the Hoose hillside hacienda, so I was glad to read what they were writing over at The Seeds For Life blog when they prompted me this morning.  Another great devotional, so I’m sending you their way again today.

Click on their website name above, to access today’s good word from The Seeds For Life.

Effort: A vigorous or determined attempt!

Effort is what I’m putting in to my diet these days, and I’m taking hubs with me on that adventure since a nasty tick took a nasty bite of him that turned into a nasty infection.  He will see PCP today, and maybe schedule blood work. We are obviously hoping against any blood borne diseases, but whatever the outcome, we know God has our back.

He always has our back.  We are His beloved, after all!!!

Sugar is the enemy at our house in light of this new tick bite and the need to heal quickly.  Immune systems are compromised by high levels of sugar in the system.  That means no spicy jelly beans…no sugary coffee creamers…no banana buns, or Almond Joys, or Strawberry milk shakes from McDs, “with three cherries, please” for the mister going forward–at least for two months.

Two months–an eternity, right?

But it must be.  Diet and sugar intake become priorities now, which means we must be vigilant, and remember to remind each other, and do some added planning.

Oh, how I hate planning meals!

Effort: A vigorous or determined attempt!

We can do this! 

Because of Jesus, we can win!!!  The battle is His. We are His. THIS is His!

Effort: A vigorous or determined attempt.

His success.  Only our effort.  We can do this!!!

What struggle do you face right now that will take effort to achieve?  Are you someone others see as determined?  Explain.



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