Noah’s Ark


You’ve heard the story of Noah and his ark, right?

Pastor spoke about it a few weeks ago in church.  I love lessons from the Old Testament, and Noah’s story is no exception.

Recently, I heard of the Noah’s Ark project, wherein a replica of the actual ark described in the Bible was built by Johan Huibers of the Netherlands. He’s built an ark and he intends to sail it from Rotterdam port to Rio Janeiro in time for this summer’s Olympic games.  What a great opportunity to insert God’s story into the Olympic story this summer.

If you haven’t heard about the ark project, check it out there.

If you would like to hear more about Johan’s salvation message and his dream to build the ark of Noah, click on the link below. It’s an inspiring story, and the link to the ark website shows lots of pictures that I hope you will all share with your kids.  After Rio, Huibers plans to sail the ark to a few more countries on his way to the USA.  Exciting!!!

I wish I were half so enthusiastic about my dreams as Johan Huibers is about his.  So. Much. Fun!!!



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