Movies, God, and Ducklings

Yoda, the great force master of Star Wars fame, is credited with first saying, “Size matters not…” Oh, but we fall for the lie that size does matter, don’t we?  I would agree that size matters some of the time, but I would disagree with the notion that it matters all of the time. Let me explain.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day, I took my mom out for an early mother/daughter celebration. We visited Eldridge Park in nearby Elmira, NY.  Here’s a picture of the park as it looks now around the lake:

000Elderidge parkMom is waxing nostalgic a lot of the time these days, so I was the lucky recipient of some fun recollections on Saturday.  When she was a kidlet, my grandad was in the habit of taking her to Eldridge Park, where for 20 cents he and his eldest could watch a movie projected on an outdoor screen and share a few laughs together.  Think Abbott and Costello and the joke about Who’s On First.  Under the stars mom and dad bonded, she reminisced, and I have to say that I loved hearing it. My mom can get caught in negative loops at time, so I’m especially encouraged when I spend time with her that recalls the good ole days, instead of the challenges she faces.  These are supposed to be her “golden years,” but more practically work themselves out in a tinny fashion many days.  I found it heartwarming to realize how a few cents helped purchase such a big piece of real estate in her heart.


While we were driving through the park on this slightly rainy day, we were stopped in our tracks by a momma duck and her ducklings. The importance in that moment and the size of these babies struck me as significant right away. Here we were, one of five cars weighing several tons each, suspended in motion by six lumps of downy brown fuzz wobbling atop newly trained legs and undecided about which way to go on the roadway around the park. Back and forth they swerved, these brown mottled puffs of fluff, while we patiently waited for them to push back panic long enough to regain their sense and get “out-o-the-way.”

000duckling alone

000ducklings together

We Christians often look at the events in our lives or the people we are in relationships with and are tempted to lose hope, aren’t we?  The problems seem so big. The people seem so screwed up. Our efforts seem insignificant in comparison to what is yelling our name on any given day.  We fear!  We tremble!  We wonder, “what can be done?”  Were it not for Hope, we’d be tempted to follow Henny Penny’s lead and proclaim to all in earshot, “the sky is falling!”

Here’s where we go wrong.

The sky is not falling.

Life is not over.

All is not lost and we are not forgotten!


Matthew’s gospel tells us, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matt 6:27)

As I watched, six little ducklings stop six cars, and observed two grown adults acting with tenderness and mercy to help said chicks get back in the pond, hope returned to my heart. If God could do that for insignificant little ducklings, what might He do for insignificant me?

I concluded that God will move heaven and earth for those He loves. To Him, I’m not insignificant, and neither are you. In fact, we might be the most significant thing in the world to God. I believe we are.

Why else the manger? Why else the cross? Why else the resurrection?

Your life matters. Your dreams matter. Your pain matters. Your future matters to God!

Dear Lord, I pray that today those living in darkness would see a great Light. I pray they’d feel a great warmth, and they’d know a great Love—Your Love. Where there is fear, bring assurance. Where there is defeat, bring hope. Where there is weakness, bring strength. Where there is worry, provide peace; and where there is doubt, drive it all away. Fill us with confidence in You, giving us all we need to live in victory this week. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! Amen.


2 thoughts on “Movies, God, and Ducklings

  1. J Bird says:

    Your writing is so beautiful and meaningful. Every piece inspires and encourages me, always, at just the right time.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in using your gift and for sharing that gift with me.
    So often I feel so very small and insignificant in what I can do to make a difference but you remind me that God can use the insignificant in significant ways.
    Keep writing my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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