Goals, A Day Late


Levity is a good thing, so I thought I would start off my post today with a cartoon.  My goals this week are health conscious, so when I saw this today I chuckled.  Hope you enjoy grape humor.  Now, on to my post that is late, late, late in coming.

Oh, nooooooooooooooooo… I missed my deadline for a Three Goals Thursday post yesterday!  Not to worry, I’m here today, so without further ado, and because I’m already late posting this week, let’s get to it.


Last week’s goals were these:

1  Sale, Sale, and SALE. All day Saturday I will help with the sale, the move-out, the transportation of donations left over, and the cleanup of the facility.  A full day, indeed!

2  I will make sure to bake some oatmeal on Sunday afternoon, to have for breakfast this week. I have been slipping in this area, but I will revive the practice of daily oats in the a.m.

3  I will follow-up with the spiritual director, calling again if I don’t hear from him and making arrangements to sit down with him, at least once, to go over my needs.


I have to say that I am pretty psyched about last week’s accomplishments.  The sale went GREAT!!!  Better than great, actually, with the church making loads of money and the load-out and clean-up (my area of interest), going smoother and faster than ever before.  Woohoo!

You all know I love this sale, and I love what the sale does for the struggling individuals in our community.  It helps where real help is needed, and all the proceeds from the sale (that’s right-100% of ‘em), are used to help folks who are without help in the hard seasons of life.  I’ve been there, and I know how hard those seasons can be, so I am particularly blessed to have been a part of this sale every year since its beginning.


If so, contact me or leave some word in the comment section below.  However long it has been, it has always been a good thing—this Sale!!!

I also did really well with Goals No. 2 and 3 this week.  I have eaten baked oatmeal every day and my body is loving it!! Why do I ever stop this practice? I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m back.

I have also contacted once again the Spiritual Director of my choice, asking for an appointment and making plans to meet that first time. Appointment is pending. We both have very busy schedules, so we are trying to work something out. It might take time.

Request:  Please pray for me for this initial meeting. I think I might cry through it all. I don’t want to, but I’m fearful that I might.  I am so drained right now—of divine inspiration, I mean—so I suspect that is all going to come out in a flood of tears when I get together with this person.  We’ll see, but I know me, and I think my fears in this way are founded.

The Good News:  Tears are a language God understands and can be cleansing.  I’m not afraid to cry, mind you. I’m just not looking forward to doing it for the whole hour I’m with this SD.  With your prayers, I’m sure I won’t have to, so Thanks, Friends!!


This week, my goals are going to be more health and diet conscious, so here goes.

This week I will attempt to…

  1. Read three chapters from a current healthy-living type publication and blog about what I learn there.
  2. Continue on with my IF-ing experiment, IF-ing at least 3 x per week.
  3. Report my current weight as a coded message in at least one blog post this week.

Note to readers:  IF means Intermittent Fasting. What it entails is me making a conscious decision to fast for the period of time that extends from my evening meal until lunch the next day.  This week I IF-d three days, and I found it helped me to feel better, act with more clarity, and find more encouragement in my journey to health than I’ve had in a while. I’m going to continue IF-ing then for 3 more days next week.

Yikes!! Goal No. 3 will be tough.  Can I do it?  I can!

Check back and keep me accountable this week for my goals.  Moving back into a more health-centric frame of mind can be a good thing, can’t it?  With summer coming, I’m feeling more inspired.  I hope you are too!  Yay, the winter cold is gone!!!

What inspired you?  What keeps you coming back again and again, and again?



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