I Love me a good testimony!


I love testimony times!  They might be the best times of all in church, if you ask me.  Who doesn’t want to hear about how Jesus is rocking out someone else’s life plan, or how they have found victory and courage through their association with the Lord?  Even when the testimony given is of a sad nature, or about a struggle someone continues to have, I love hearing it.  Raw, Real, Honest—bring it on!  This is life on life’s terms and I want to know how YOU are dealing with it, and what progress you are making as you lean in to God.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sermon too, but I love testimony time more!

I love testimony times because they hit all the prerequisites for communal sharing about our faith.  They are honest confessions, filled with real emotion, shared with others in love and hope, and no matter what is shared they almost always honor God.  There is the occasional person who doesn’t understand the basic of Testifying 101 and uses their time to blather on about nonsense, but I can handle that so long as I know the good stuff is on the way.

My biggest complaint about testimony time is that it doesn’t happen nearly enough!  I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it’s about a lack of faith in congregations to stay focused.  Maybe it’s about not wanting to share the stage.  Or perhaps it has to do with timing, but what better way to share our time together than by sharing with one another the faith stories that encourage us all?

I’m always encouraged when I hear a good faith story, and I can’t imagine that others would not be.

All this to say if you are someone who has a good faith story, call me.  Email me.  Comment below.  Contact me and we’ll make a date and a time to share your story together. I want to know how God has blessed you in the struggles of this life. I want to know how you have been empowered to bless others through Him.  I want to know how you got over that last hurdle, and I want to know where your faith is resting regarding that one on the horizon. Tell me, tell me, tell me how being a Christian is the best thing ever, and how deciding to continue with the Lord has made all the difference! I want to know, hear, and share your excitement with you, so please tell me!

What amazing thing has Jesus been doing in your life in the last three months?  What makes testimony time special for you?


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