Voter Registration–Important!!

As many of you know, I take my faith seriously.  I am a born-again, washed in the blood, redeemed and glad-of-it Christian.  I love Jesus Christ!

What you may not know about me, is that I take my civic duty seriously, too.  I am a committed PA voter, who makes it to the polling place to cast the die every time an election is held; local, state, or national.  I love my country!

Because I love God and country, and because I’m excited about the opportunity for every American to take part in the social habits that are shaping our country bit by bit, I wanted to write this blog post and encourage anyone reading it today to commit themselves to voting this November.


Did you know that in 2012, millions of American Christians neglected to cast a vote for president?  MILLIONS! Some estimates say 4 million. Some say 6 million, and others say 12 million Christians stayed home on voting day 2012!  Whatever the final count, that number is significant in my book and you can see for yourself the unhappy outcome that has come from these people opting out. These MILLIONS were registered, eligible, supposedly healthy individuals who for whatever reason did not make it to their polling place to cast the die in favor of one candidate or the other.  People, this cannot happen again in 2016!

In 2016 we need to be heard, and if we are, we CAN make a difference!!!

If you are not yet registered to vote in November’s election, please visit the sites listed below and get registered.  They offer instructions and download forms needed to get yourself registered.

Election day in America this year is Tuesday, November 8th.

The deadline for PA voters to register to vote is Tuesday, October 11th.  You’ve still got time!

The fact is that someone is going to lead this country after November 8th, 2016.  I won’t say who that someone will be, but as we both know, come November 9th, someone will be elected to the highest office in this country.  I can’t think of anyone more fit to determine who that someone will be than You! However, should your conscience prohibit you from voting for a president (and I hope it does not), there are other important representatives that need to have your vote this fall.  There will be Senate seats, House of Representative membership slots, and other office positions to be filled. They will be filled!  Who fills them is really up to YOU!

Please, please, please do what YOU can to bring checks and balances to America this November!

Justices for the Supreme Court will be assigned in the next two years. They serve for LIFE, people. For LIFE!!!  In some cases, that will be a long, long time.  We need to be involved in the decision concerning who gets appointed to these positions.  The new President will appoint them.  We need to cast our vote!!!

For those not so spiritually minded, but who were drawn to this post because it is about our upcoming election in America, I leave you with this, from the Bard:

Macbeth: If we should fail?

Lady Macbeth:  We fail?  But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we’ll not fail.

(a bit of dark reference, I know, but you get the point.  😉

On-line sites you can access for complete your voter registration in time:



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