The joy of being reminded

The horror of the Same Old Thing is one of the most valuable passions we have produced in the human heart—an endless source of heresies in religion, folly in counsel, infidelity in marriage, and inconstancy in friendship.”. –Evil advice from Screwtape to Wormwood, The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis

During our time together on Sunday, Pastor mentioned that yearning we all have for change; something new and different.

What I heard as he spoke was a reminder to my soul that a new revelation from God in not needed in order to continue being intimate with God.

Change can be joyful, but it can also be difficult, and sometimes we can’t know which it will be before we’ve set upon it.  Conversely, we can and do know God; His goodness, His purity, His holiness, and His love we know.

Today, I’m encouraged to seek out that same wonder-working, saving, and transforming Papa God I’ve always known as I move forward in this messy, messy life.  It feel good!  I’m relying on Him, and not me, to produce the kind of change that renews and revitalizes my life without causing others harm.

To a renewed and revitalized faith I say, Amen!!!

This morning as I’m taking to my prayer closet and making intercessions for the body of Christ around me, I’ve been invited to think upon those things about my relationship with God that have remained constant throughout my faith journey and have been a source of multiple blessings to me.

Things like…

The assurances I’ve been given by God.

The mercy I’ve found at the cross.

The love that has so graciously been poured into my life.

The reminder that I have the Lord, His Son Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and family and friends to depend upon every day, in every way, through every challenge, always and forever.

That is enough!

We don’t need another revelation, another vista, or another vision to make our lives complete in Christ, for we are those who have all we need in the God who once saved us and who will forevermore preserve our souls.

Glory to His Name!!!   

What assurances, mercies and love have come to you as a result of your faith?  What’s the great thing about contentment, in your opinion?

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