Reflections and Goals


This past week I had three teeny, tiny goals. These:

1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times this week.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise each day.


Goal No. 1 EXCELLENT!  I ate my oatmeal several times this week. Not every morning, I’m still working on getting back to that, but several times.  I feel good about how I practiced this habit this week.

Goal No. 2  SCORE!!!  I was able to get to bed early two times this week, and boy, did I need it.  This hot muggy weather is killer, so I was glad to get in my jammies early, turn on the overhead fan, and snooze.

Goal No. 3 FAIL!  Other than moving around in an unorganized way, I have not exercised more than a few minutes this week.  My excuse: Pain levels with this blasted sciatica!   This goal will definitely be going on my list for next week. I need to do better.


Maybe I’m burned out with regards to teaching?  Maybe!

I can’t wait for my turn with The Healing Journey.  I’m so excited to enter into this group dynamic beginning in the fall.  Seriously, can’t wait (refer back to first random thought).  We begin Sept 12th.

I’m shedding again!  My stylist mentioned it to me the other night when I got a trim.  I had noticed it myself, too. That’s what ya get when you’re the consummate pressure pusher, refusing to recognize/deal with/address stress in its many forms.  Remedy as I know it:  More early nights, more prayer and meditation, more acceptance of life on life’s terms, more veggies, and more water throughout the day.  I think a spiritual reconnect from the group scheduled for this fall will help.  I’m looking forward to that!

Passports.  I’ll finish this update by saying that I found the passport applications and photos I had misplaced, but still have not found our birth certificates.  Where in the world are they?  Only God knows these things.  Maybe you could speak to Him on my behalf about them. I’d really, really, really like to see Toronto again.


Same as last week…

1  Eat oatmeal for breakfast several times.

2  Get to bed early at least twice.

3  Perform some kind of exercise each day.

Have you ever lost your hair due to stress?  What about your mind, still got that?  😉

2 thoughts on “Reflections and Goals

  1. The Success Gal says:

    I like this practice of openly discussing and reflecting on your weekly goals. I might have to try this. The Healing Journey sounds like it’s going to be an incredible experience, I think I overlook the power of healing and the benefits that awareness around it can have.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lorihoose says:

      So glad you stopped by today and left a comment. I’m finding the goal list makes me more conscious of my deliberate intentions through the week, but I have been slipping a lil bit lately. New goals go up this Thursday, along with an update on my progress. Woohoo!!!

      I’m looking forward to the Healing Journey, this fall. Can’t wait for this chance at renewal!


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