I’m no baker of breads!  Everyone knows it, and no one seems to be bothered by it except me and my husband.  Poor Mister, he loves himself a thick slice of good bread, all yeasty-smelling and warm from the oven and swimming in melted butter.

Ummm, um…who doesn’t love that!?

Reading Matthew’s gospel this morning, I’ve been reminded how much my hubby loves bread and how one day, long ago, Jesus made enough for everybody.  Regrettably, my wheelhouse does not contain any bread-making skills, but I’m ever so grateful that the same cannot be said for our Jesus.

3 days.

4,000 people!

Mass hunger.

Radical compassion.

Super natural power EXPLODING on a mountaintop somewhere in Israel…

That’s what I read about this morning in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew’s gospel.

A miracle!  

Moreover, a reason for skeptics, seekers, and the unsaved to praise God!

THREE days, people. THREE DAYS!!!!

Hunger…fatigue…cramps…babies crying…women swooning…husband growling!

Lunch arrives!!!  A testament to Christ’s ability, authority, and divinity: Bread.

It’s exciting to read about how Jesus made bread without an oven, a paddle, or raw ingredients.  He didn’t start from scratch on that day with his dough, but I totally believe he could have.  I believe he could have commanded wheat to stand tall on stalky feet and march out of the fields and into his lap, had he wanted to do so.  There are a hundred different ways Jesus could have gotten enough bread for everybody to eat—and walk away satisfied—had he chosen not to simply pray and ask God to do the hard bits for him.  Hundreds!

He prayed. He asked God. He received what he asked for and everyone walked away with a full belly.  That’s great, but there’s more.  They also walked away with eyes that could see, and lips that worked right for the first time ever, and throats that sent forth properly formed words. They walked away with legs that could carry their body weight without stumbling or cracking under the strain, and they walked away free of demons, with hitches in their giddy-ups that’d been smoothed, and ears and arms and feet and faces that worked perfectly!

Do you hear what I’m saying?

They got bread and so much more. They got their lives back!!!!

Reading about miracles in the Bible today, I’m so glad someone had the forethought to write them down, but even more exciting to me is the realization that this same Jesus that I’m reading about in the Ancient Text is alive and well in 2016, and still practicing His signature brand of compassion toward his people to this hour.

Jesus knows how to meet needs!

What is your favorite miracle story in the Scriptures?  What are you believing Jesus for today?


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