Three Goals

This week has been a painful one. I’m not sure why, but I’ve hurt really bad this week. Badly enough that I’ve concentrated on little more than getting through the week. Still, I accomplished my 3 teeny, tiny goals of making my bed, getting to bed early, and dancing with hubby.  Yay!

This week I’ve worked on keeping a gratitude list with daily goals and hopes. It has helped me to stay grateful instead of grumbling all week about how hard it has been to be me.

This week I have three things I will focus on in prayer. They are:

Remembering to pray for Courtney and Mike as they work to get her car inspected. Please, Lord, help this to happen!

I’m also going to be focused on prayer for my Monday appointment with the new chiropractor. Please Lord, help this to help, or lead me elsewhere quickly. I hurt so much.

Third, Im asking in prayer for a good weekend of fun with the grands who are in town. Lord, help me to stay present in each moment, focus on generous love, and build strong bonds and memories with my guys this weekend. Soon they will head back to school and time will be more restrictive regarding visits. Help us all to love on each other and make the most of every moment we have together, for I pray it in Jesus Name.

What will you focus on in prayer this week?


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