In a few weeks hubs and I will head out of the front door on our Great Adventure 2016–our summer/fall vacation tour.  We are still undecided about where we will go.

Lake George, for sure. We love it there.

Probably Meredith, New Hampshire, too.  Bob can’t quit talking about the resort where we stayed a few years ago, in that area.  Gorgeous place!

I think this year we’d like to head to Maine for a day or two, but other than a quick weekend trip there 6 or 7 years ago, wherein we saw very little of the state except from the highway, we have never been.  I’m looking for some ideas.

Any of you ever head up north, to Maine?  Where did you go? What did you see?  What did you miss?  Any regrets?

We’re open to hear your thoughts!

Son No. 2 will be staying at home with the critters, so we are free as elderly birds with somewhat crimped wings can be.  Tell us, what should be make sure we don’t miss?


Where would you visit if you were going to Maine?  Where else would you travel, if you were heading north?

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