5 thoughts on “Balancing Priorities

  1. N. Bird says:

    Ha, Just before looking at my email this morning I was going over my agenda (fancy word for my list) and evaluating how I did and will be preparing a new agenda for next week tomorrow. This blog is a reminder to me of what that agenda needs to be based on. Isn’t our God amazing. I am so blessed to have him interested even in my little weekly agenda.
    This is why I always give Him the agenda when I am done and ask Him to help me prioritize as the days and the week goes by. Thank you for sharing just the thing I needed this morning. We may be physically miles apart but we are as close as ever mentally and spiritually.

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    • lorihoose says:

      I agree, we are connected in a special way. I love that!

      I have been seeking to restore balance to my life for a while now, and lil by lil it is happening for me. I couldn’t be more excited about the future, for both of us!!!

      You give your agenda/list to Jesus? I love that and frankly have not thought of that. Hunh. I will be doing so in the future, for sure. What a great way to start a new week, with some planning and some divine understanding!!!


    • lorihoose says:

      Oh, I could not agree more! I have been trying to live a more balanced life of late, but I will tell you what, it is a long process to done. It’s taken me months to just evaluate what balance in my life looks like, before setting about to try and tweak things so I have at least a little bit of it peeking through from time to time. I think this will be a long process for me, and I know I’ll never do it perfectly, but I’m willing to go at it slowly. Eventually, I believe it will come.

      Thanks for stopping by today, Sarah and Choppy! I really enjoyed your visit and particularly your thoughtful comment. Please, do the same again in the future and have a great day!!!

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