God, Whorls, and YOU!


Think of it—not one whorled finger exactly like another!  If God should take such delight in designing fingertips, think how much pleasure the unfurling of your life must give Him. –Lucie Christopher

Have you thought about it?  You being special to God, I mean? You are, you know.  Special, anointed, reserved, secured, beloved, watched over, and delighted in by the Creator of the Universe.  The Creator of the Universe, people!

He likes You!

He loves You!

He watches over you, and He watches out for You!

He has created a spot in His divine agenda that only You can fill.

Only You!

No one else.  You!

When we stop to think about what it means, really means to be loved by God, we’re amazed!

The most amazing Person in the Universe, in all of time, in all of history and happenings, and everything loves us.


He sees us.

He talks to us.

He advises us.

How do you wrap your mind around such glory?

Jesus!!! Jesus is the way! 

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! He’s also our Light, and our Joy, and our Understanding and our Forever.

Up go those hands!


Up go those praises. Way, wayyyy up, to where the Most High dwells.

Today, we have the chance to give back a little for all God has given us. Let’s do it and do it again.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!!!!!


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