Three Goals, Three Projects

TGT mast head-APR 2016

Three projects were completed by me this week:

  • 3 Chiro appointments were kept, each one involving some degree of pain; more after the fact than during.
  • 3 Goals were achieved, one of which included following Chiro instructions to the letter.
  • 2 De-cluttering session were completed in my living space/life, and I read more about minimalism (also a TGT goal).

Three goals were also chipped away at and completed.


1 Pursue a path of recovery with the new chiropractor, doing all he asks me to do in order to help myself in the most effective and efficient way.

2  Continue to learn new methods for paring down, in order to minimize my propensity for indecision.

3  Eat as cleanly as I can, incorporating as many veggies as I can and as much water as I can into my Action Plan for the week.

I’m happy to report that I was able to achieve stellar results with Goal No. 1 No. 2 and No. 3!!!

Woohoo, I’m really rocking the goal list this week.


I iced my back, as told to do–through the day at the office, and at night, while relaxing. This is what doc asked me to do. He also asked me to be patient with the process.  Oh, no, this is one area where I do not do well.  Lord, help me to be patient.  You know I’m not good at that stuff.

I continued to learn new methods for paring down and tackling deadly indecision.

I began following a blog on simple living that has helped me conceptualize the process better.

I made a pan of baked oatmeal last night.

I made a concerted effort to eat more veggies and drink more water than usual.


I happened to sort out the many cook books in my cupboard and made a decision to donate those that weren’t working for me, along with a bunch of loose recipe sheets.  I never used any of those recipes and the sheets fell out of the cupboard every time I opened it.  I’m going to write about that more on Tuesday of next week, but for now I thought I would share a few shots of my clean space and those cookbooks I love so much.

Here is what the cupboard now looks like, decidedly less cluttered after the culling.


And here is a shot of those cookbooks I love and use all the time.


These are my go-to cook books and those who made the cut.

Lastly, a well worn copy of Gramma Foulkrod’s Chocolate Mayo Cake—always a crowd pleaser and it contains no milk, so works perfectly for my nephew, who is allergic, and a typed, and a copy of  School Boy Jumble sugar cookie recipe—the BEST soft sugar cookie recipe in the world!



I’m going to keep my goals the same for yet another week.  Why mess with success, right?

What goals have you set for yourself this week?  What do you really, really, want to achieve?



2 thoughts on “Three Goals, Three Projects

  1. N. Bird says:

    I love your enthusiasm in this new quest to simplify your life. I had kind of thought I was doing pretty good at doing just that but as I read your posts I see even more I can do and am excited to get back into the game (I’ve been a little lazy on that for awhile).
    The cook book idea is GREAT! I did get rid of a few but after seeing your pics and reading how you pared yours down I am going to add that to my list for his week.
    Keep planning and keep writing and sharing your victories and challenges. It is and encouragement and motivation for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lorihoose says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, Jean. I’m running a little short on that these days. And then there are the not so subtle attacks, and from Christian corners. Can you believe it?

      It felt so good to get that cook book clutter cleared out. Soooo good. I’m feeling lighter and lighter as the days pass. I will keep writing. Tuesdays are my minimalism day for reporting, so look for those posts early in the week. I’m trying not to be obnoxious about this, but I am really so thrilled with where this experiment is taking me. Sooooo thrilled! 🙂


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