Sowing Simply-Sept 7

Monday was a holiday here in America, Labor Day. Yesterday was Tuesday, the day I’d planned to share another Sowing Simply blog post; problem being, I forgot it was Tuesday.  Do you ever do that?  My whole week will now be thrown off because I had an extra day off.  Oh, well, I guess that’s not too big a price to pay for an extra day off, so I’ll be happy about it and do my posting today.

Today is officially Tuesday in Lori’s World!!

As you might know, Sowing Simply is a series of posts I’m writing about my experimentation with minimalistic living.  I’m on a crusade to discover whether or not the claim is true that living with less makes life more joyful. The experts say it does, and I’m willing to give it a go, so I started Sowing Simply with that end goal in mind.


Ridding our home of unused, beat up, torn, ripped, stained, or otherwise no longer useful “stuff”.

Creating more blank space.

Assigning value to those things we keep, and only keeping those things that work for us.

Donating anything that we can’t use, currently own in duplicate or triplicate, or feel others would more greatly benefit from owning.

Freely sharing what we have.

Owning less.


We don’t love a lot of things that had been living in our house.

We do love wide open spaces.

We don’t want to be hoarders or gluttons.

We do have a problem with holding on to things too long, even things we don’t use.

We don’t want to store up treasures on earth, where rust can destroy and thieves steal.

We do want to act responsibly with the financial blessings God has given.

We don’t see buying things we don’t need as responsible spending of our hard-earned dollars.

We do want to free up some cash to travel in the future, while we still can.

We don’t NEED anything!!!


This month has been a long and hard one for me, even though we are only 7 days in to September.  I have been having regular visits to the Chiropractor and strictly following his advise:  Ice it, and rest!  All that rest and icing has made me yancy.  I’d been going at this minimalist thing whole hog, and I want to do more. Last night, I decided I could branch out and attempt a little do-over of my kitchen towel drawer and master bathroom closet.  Here is the evidence of what I did.


Doesn’t that look so orderly? This is what it looked like before…


Quite a difference, right?  And here is the master bath closet, still a work in progress:


I didn’t like the way my wash clothes were looking all messy there, so I color-coded them this morning before work.  Ha! Can you say: OCD?

000closet-rollsAh, that’s better!

I still have some work to do in this space, and remind me later to tell you about the massive tool box you see at the bottom of that closet. What a story. Suffice it to say right now that I can’t fit the tape measures (why do we have two of them?), in the box, nor the duct tape, nor the paint brush, because mister has my girly tool box full of his stuff!  More on that later.

Seriously, remind me.

I followed Marie Kondo’s advice with the rolling of my dish towels.  WOW—you can get wayyyy more towels in a drawer when you roll them than when you fold them. Did you know that?  Sure it takes a lil more time to roll them initially, but it is time well spent, as you don’t have to move and remove towels when looking for just the right one to use later.  Does anyone beside me love having a drawer full of dish towels?  Saves tons on paper towels, which I use aplenty too, but would like to use less.

Side Benefit:  Because I rolled the towels in the bathroom closet, I was able to fit my paper towels onto the top shelf.  You can’t see that shelf in the picture I took, but take my word for it.  Rolling the towels freed up so much space!


I love that we’re getting our home back!

I don’t feel my life has suffered one iota from all the donating I’ve been doing.

My guys seem happier, too. Mister even cleaned out his old t-shirt drawer. Amazing!

I have spent way too much money on books in the past.  For the future:  More library visits.

I feel like with every project I complete I am helping my family to sow a simpler life—a better life—a life that is not about “stuff,” as much as folks.  Folks we love! Because of less time commitments this past weekend, we were able to sit down with friends and family and enjoy a leisurely lunch together, followed by a good long chat fest. It was GRAND!!!!  I’m loving the space we are in these days and the promise of a simpler and happier tomorrow for us all!

Regrettably, I’m starting to over-book myself with activities again, after having said no to some things I love but couldn’t keep us with any more.  I need to watch this, and be diligent in saying NO to events, invites, and projects that will put me on an overly-active trajectory.  Frankly, that’s gonna be hard for me, but it has to be done!!!  I talked to a friend about this very thing today, and she has offered to help me be accountable in this area. I need it.  I so want to run a pace that is beyond me. I so do!

Along these lines, I’m a bit overwhelmed by what I have said “YES!” to in the next few months. Please pray for me to handle commitments better.  Part of this experiment is meant to determine if I can do less and still live a fulfilling life. I think I can, but changing long-held patterns/habits is hard. I will need reinforcements to make it happen.

What phase of life are you in right now?  What could you give away and feel really good about it?

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