Help Me Out


I’ve been wondering about a few things…

Where can I find bloggy advice on selling household goods that I no longer need/want?  Have you ever tried selling on Amazon or Ebay, and if so, did you make money on those deals?

Where can I find a resource for the purchase of reasonably priced almost-real silk or satin houseplants?  I kill all living greenery, but I really want to pretend like I don’t.

Who has some ideas on Christmas decorating around the house along a minimalistic theme?

What one house cleaning substance or method works best for you?

I have the hardest time mopping my kitchen floor, so I hardly ever do it.  The mops I have tried have all been cumbersome or didn’t work.  I usually end up getting down on my hand and knees to do this job, because I can’t figure out how to do it any other way and have it look really clean.  Not simple and not time saving, at all.  Tell me what you use and why it cleans the floor in a spiffy way every time.  I have a swiffer sweeper mop, but I do not like it. It flips on me when trying to move the mop head back and forth–A LOT. Ugh, so infuriating!

Where can I get a good digital frame that won’t cost a million dollars?

Any and all help you can give me in answering these questions is greatly appreciated.  I’m relying on your real-time, real-life experienceS to guide me.  Thanks for chiming in with a comment below.



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