Give It Away


I had a red sweater.  I have it no more.


  1. It was my favorite color of red-BRIGHT!
  2. It was on sale.
  3. I needed something to wear to a fall event and thought the sweater would be nice.


  1. It was a cable knit design, which doesn’t look all that good on me since cable knit sweaters are chunky and I am chunky.
  2. I hated the collar.
  3. I was done feeling guilty about buying it every time I went into my closet.


  1. It no longer fits you.
  2. It was bought as a gift, but doesn’t reflect your personal style.
  3. It makes you feel bad every time you look at it, because it cost too much, or it never fit right, or it’s scratchy when you wear it, or it always ends up in the bottom of your closet and in your way.


(Especially when stepping over stuff every day, or hunting for something you can’t find and cursing under your breath, or having to give up hope because it will not and cannot be found!)

Things we keep in our homes should…

Reflect who we are as people today, not who we were ten years ago.

Make our living space more relaxing, not more stressful.

Create joy and peace in our hearts, instead of reminding us of that huge “to-do” list.

Have their own specific resting place (their own home, where we can always easily and quickly find them).

Draw attention to what we believe in, work for, love most of all, and want to share with others.

Make feeling guilty or embarrassed about inviting people in, yeah, someone else’s problem.

Be a blank space that encourages imagination, instead of overtaxing our senses.


This month, I will be taking part in a simple living exercise aimed at defining my space a little better and letting go of things that get in the way of joy or celebration.

The holidays are coming, and with them an opportunity to share living space with some of my favorite people in the world.  I don’t want to be too busy to enjoy their company, and I don’t want to be nagging them about cleaning up all the time.  I want to create a warm and inviting home space where they can feel free to be those incredible “imagineers” God made them to be, and I want them to have room to stretch out and do those things they love, maybe with a hot cocoa or mocha latte and a cookie near by.

Now, through October 31st, I will be viewing my home with two objectives in mind:

  1. To rid it of anything that doesn’t reflect who we are as people today, and/or encourage us to be all God wants us to be tomorrow.
  2. To eek out blank spaces where love and creativity can enter in and memories can   be made.

What item in your home has become your red sweater?  What is still hanging around your house from ten years ago, but in no way represents who you are today or hope to be tomorrow?






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