Life is short and much of it is taken up with continual efforts to amass enough money to fund our lifestyles, grow strong enough physically and emotionally to protect ourselves, and develop networks and friendships strong and vast enough to power us through to the next level of satisfaction we seek; but what happens when your life isn’t satisfying or you need a change, or worse yet, your boss decides he needs a change?

Ought, oh!

When life is not turning out the way we’d like, that’s when delighting in the Lord is more important than ever because Psalm 37:4 includes a promise.  If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.

What does it mean to delight in the Lord this way, and how can we make sure the promise comes true for us?  How can we increase our chances of landing in a sweet spot of life where our desires become God’s gift to us on a daily basis?  I have some thoughts on that (you knew I would, right?).


The first thing that must be done in order to grab hold of God’s promises is for us to introduce ourselves to Him.  God’s promises are for those who delight in Him, and I think that’s probably pretty impossible if you don’t first know who God is and appreciate His character and the way He cares for His children.  So first off, we must know God before we can claim His promises for our own.

Next, we  have to align ourselves with God to claim His promises.  This means we have to be on God’s side. We have to agree with Him, and support His methods and means, and surrender ourselves to living life His way.  In a word, You and Him have to be close friends, even closer than brothers/sisters.  Your hearts have to beat as one, and your intentions have to support each other.  This kind of closeness comes from accepting a gift God wants to give to you–His Son, Jesus.

Accepting Jesus as your proxy in the kingdom of God ensures God will no longer look at your failures and mark you as a reject.  Instead, He looks at you through Jesus, and sees you the same way He sees his ONLY beloved and AMAZING Son.  God dotes on his boy, and if you and Jesus are one, He is going to dote on you.  You can’t miss when you know Jesus!  God loves Him, and through Him wants to love you. You only need let Him to begin receiving the promises.

The final step I think you have to take to delight yourself in the Lord and receive the desires of your heart is three-fold.  You have to stop self-protecting, stop self-powering through life, and stop self-providing. Basically, you have to stop riding the range alone.

You have to stop being your own boss, your own worst critic, and your own excuse for bad behavior.  Once you stop promoting SELF and start listening to Jesus and doing what He did/does, your life will begin to develop into this massive faith-based and amazing adventure, where you don’t know at any point along the way whether or not God will rescue you and see you to the other shore, yet you suspect every minute of every day that He will come through for you, just when you need Him most.  That’s what we call faith, and it’s exhilarating!

How amazing would it be to live such a life?

This week The Healing Journey sessions focused on what I need to do to give up trusting in me, and start relying on the true and deserving God of the Universe more often. Like, every day!

Is it hard to stop taking care of ourselves, protecting ourselves, and powering through by ourselves?  It is.  Old habits die hard, but the promises of God, they rock. They totally do!

This week, I challenge you to think about all the energy you’re expending trying to live a life that is SELF powered, protected, and provided for–and after you’ve thought on that for a while, think on this:  How much easier would it be to let God power your life, protect you when needed, and provide for you whatever the need may be?

I’d love to hear what you learn during your time of meditation. As always, you know where to find me, and how to leave a comment.  I’m listening, and I’m so excited for you to join me on this quest for peace, assurance, and re-dedication to what matters most.

God has the answers in every situation–we just need to ask and listen to know them too!

When have you powered through a situation/crisis/sickness alone?  What do you need God to do for you right now?


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