Warning: This post is about politics, prophecy, and a God who acts

000cauldronI usually try to keep my comments on this blog uplifting and encouraging, and for that reason I lean toward NT teachings when sharing here, rather than OT prophecy. Not all the time, but a lot of the time, prophecy is about warning folks who have strayed about their straying ways and calling them back before it’s too late.

Too late meaning: ripe for punishment. Yikes!

Have you noticed that no one wants to hear about punishment from God these days?

Give us mercy, they shout.

Give us grace.

Tell us stories about victory, and compassion, and forgiveness, and listen, that’s all good and a huge part of the salvation message that is delivered in the Bible of the Christians, but there is also that other side. That character of God revealed in Scripture that balances out all the “fun” and freedom with correction.

Our Bible also contains tales of true frustrations experienced by our holy God.  He gets fed up with all our bad behavior eventually, and says: Enough! I will take no more! I have given you a gazillion chances to admit, confess, and repent from this wrong, wrong, wrong way of living and you have ignored them all. Now, the hammer falls!

Today, in those few moments I afforded God before rushing into life, I found this:

Now set the empty pot on the coals.
Heat it red hot!
Burn away the filth and corruption.
But it’s hopeless;
the corruption can’t be cleaned out.
So throw it into the fire.

Your impurity is your lewdness
and the corruption of your idolatry.

I tried to cleanse you,
but you refused.
So now you will remain in your filth
until my fury against you has been satisfied. Ezekiel 24: 11-13

Be honest: Does this sound like a description of our current electoral situation, or what?


Sexual misconduct.

Idolatry that endorses practices allowing babies to be killed even when they are fully formed in the womb.

If God has had enough, I don’t blame him. I have, too.

When God is hopeless (vs 12), you know there is no more room for hope (that a situation will change/that a person will allow himself or herself to be redeemed). In those situations what is God to do?  He can’t leave things alone, let the corruption and idolatry go on. That would mean more sincere and believing innocents would be hurt.  He looks at the sinful and then at the innocent few, and God acts.

I will tell you, I would not wish to be either of our candidates running for the office of president this year. And really, what is the outcome going to be for this country with either Clinton or Trump in charge?

More gridlock?

More hate?

More division?

A revolution?

It might be better to just wipe the slate clean and start over. If only!

Mind you, I’m not advocating murder or anything like that. I’m just saying that I’m frustrated with the way things are going in this country about now, and I don’t think I’m alone.

The Good News in all this (because there is always good news with Jesus on the throne of heaven), is that once the votes have been counted, God will still be supreme ruler of our hearts and our land. We will be okay, for our faith and our trust is not in men or women of corruption, but in our own stellar, all-powerful, all-wise and always gracious God!

Hallelujah, what a Savior!!

Are you ready for this election to be over?  Are you worried for what happens next, after the votes are cast and counted?  Why or why not?



3 thoughts on “Warning: This post is about politics, prophecy, and a God who acts

  1. N. Bird says:

    I am frustrated and want it to be over. I am frustrated that in a nation of so many good, moral, educated and qualified people what we are being offered is a sorry lot of choice.
    I am not worried for the very reason you mention, God is still the Supreme Ruler over all nations, all people and His purpose will not be thwarted. He is love but he is also holy, righteous, and just.
    It will be in the desperate times that many will come to Christ, realizing He is our only hope and souls will be save and lives changed. The fields are ripe for harvest and it is a prime time to go and make disciple as we were directed by Jesus himself to do.
    Thank you for the reminder and the bold message from Scripture that so many are afraid to preach these days.
    “Wake up O sleeper,
    rise from the dead;
    and Christ will shine on you”
    (Ephesians 5:14)

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