I cannot believe it’s been two weeks since I last posted goals.  Honestly, it’s been two weeks since I’ve even thought of my goal list.

I try to include a good mix of brutal honesty and lighthearted levity in my writing here, but lately there hasn’t been much to laugh about on my side of the mountain.  Instead, we have been faced with some very serious life-changing events and decisions, and it’s taken a good deal of concentration on this gal’s part to stay focused, forward moving, hopeful, and civil.  That last one has been a real challenge, but one Papa God is helping me master.

Having said all that, I offer you this week’s goal list and no explanation for HOW I DID on the list I created two weeks ago.  Best at this point to move forward.  In the kingdom of God, as elsewhere, there really is no going back, only looking back, which usually creates a deficiency regarding joy and not an abundance.  Let’s not do that, or go there. Onward, and upward!


One thing that has taken a hit as I have been dealing with life challenges the last few weeks is my writing.  With the exception of “My Story” which I wrote for a The Healing Journey assignment, I have done very little writing.  Of course, you know I had to edit my work on that story, and so really was writing and editing, and rewriting, all week long.  Still, I’ve not done much writing other than my story, and I’ve missed my friend the pen (keyboard), so I am including the luxury that is writing on my goal list this week.

It is such an incredible joy to me to be able to capture my thoughts here and share them with others.  Pure joy!  Thank you for reading and commenting. You guys rock!!


1  Create a Gratitude List and add to it every day this week.

2  Research 3 on-line resources for paid writing assignments and choose one to try.

3  Tackle the kitchen cupboards again, releasing more “stuff” into the world.


Goal No. 3 for me this week is to focus once more on my kitchen and culling out more stuff that I do not use.  I cannot believe that I am again dealing with stuff on my kitchen counters.  It is such a good feeling to not have things accumulate there, but each night this week I have had to put stuff away again, and when I do, I find less room to stuff my stuff into. This has to change!  I love the feel of a clean counter top too much to go backward.  THAT is why my third goal this week will be to go through the cupboards again, and rid myself of more stuff hiding there, again!


My last minimalism experiment was sanding down and repainting a bed frame we own.  That was quite a project.  Getting that bed frame newly painted took way more paint than expected, and way more time than I had planned. It had to be done in stages, and outside, and with the weather constantly fluctuating, it took me about two weeks to get ‘er done.  Once it was done, I loved the look, but hubs hated the fumes that were coming off the thing. I had not thought about fumes being a problem, but they were, and we solved that by taking the frame apart and moving it to the attic, where it will most likely stay until summer next year.  Hopefully, by then, it will not stink so bad and can be put up in the guest bedroom again.  For now, the bed in that room is on the floor, really minimal in its presentation and functionality.  🙂


ER/ED rooms in our area are not clean.  Don’t trust TV to be an accurate reflection of their cleanliness. The one we used the other night was scruffy.

Shingles is not a disease to be trifled with-don’t do it!

Encouragement can sometimes come from the most unlikely of places.

In the throes of sorrow, grief, and change people should not make life-altering decisions.

When you live six miles up, you get snow and ice while townies get rain.  My car was covered when I was leaving for work this morning.  I can’t wait for daylight savings time to kick in; going to work in slush and snow and darkness is no fun.

What goals have you set for yourself this week?  What challenges are you meeting with now, physically, emotionally, or spiritually?



2 thoughts on “END OF OCTOBER GOALS

  1. N. Bird says:

    Welcome back!
    How good it feels to get back on track. Just think, if we never got sidetracked by life we wouldn’t experience the joy of getting back on track. But sounds to me like you are right on track!!
    Glad you asked: “What goals have you set for yourself this week?  What challenges are you meeting with now, physically, emotionally, or spiritually?”
    I am currently working on a goal sheet as part of an assignment for a Christian writers Bible study so that is one thing I am struggling with. I have a hard time coming up with the 3 Teeny Tiny goals, let alone a 5 yr, 1yr, monthly, and weekly goals. Ugh But in the process I am finding out one of the reasons I struggle, a lack of vision!
    Spiritually I am praying for God to give me a vision for my writing ministry and for setting goals in line with His purpose for my writing.
    Also struggling with some physical issues involving a lot of pain when I walk and interferes with my sleep. This too, my God will bring me through and the blessings still out weigh the struggles.

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    • lorihoose says:

      I love that you’ve shared your thoughts with us here, Jean. I can relate to what you’ve written here. It is good to be BACK, and the sense that you lack vision in your writing and life planning, oh yeah, that resonates with me, too. I, too, have problems projecting into the future, and sometimes I have problems working in the present. This week, getting my goal list done is proving challenging. Tell you what, I will pray for you, if you’ll pray for me. Deal?!

      So blessed to have you hop on over here and read the blog, then comment. You’re a faithful friend, dear one, and I know God has great things planned for your writing in the future. If it wasn’t His plan, you wouldn’t keep circling back around to it again and again. Your a great writer, Jean. Keep pushing the limits for yourself, and never give up on your dream. You can do it–I have ever confidence! Go for it, and never leave anything on the table. Never!!!


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