Forgive me while I mourn

Today I’m mourning the Shingles!

They are a plague on my guy. As of today, we are entering week four with the eye pain, the nerve pain, the itching, the swelling, and the weeping plague. It’s no fun!

This morning, mister was being driven crazy by itchy patches of skin cells that are trying to heal irritated nerve paths existing below them.  He has torn open the flesh and made his head bleed.  As a result of his shingles outbreak, mister is tired all the time. He sleeps a lot because he can’t concentrate on anything other than the pain and maybe a cup of hot tea and a titch of conversation.  He can’t stay outside long enough to do anything of substance, and he loves the outdoors.  Neither can he tolerate bright light of any kind. Even sunlight on his skin hurts.

It’s hard to see him like this.

Him-who always has energy to spare.

Him-who is always laughing and joking with others.

Him-who lives life large all the time, and chases joy, and often catches it.

Him-who loves riding his Harley but hasn’t been on it in weeks!

Him-who loves his family and takes care of his friends. We are taking care of him now.

Him-who misses church and wishes he could go, and needs to be encouraged about now.

Him-who gives and gives expecting nothing but love in return, and sometimes not even that!

It’s hard as a wife to see your husband suffer. 

It’s hard to see him lose his drive, his ambition, his strength, and his zest for life. It’s so hard–and listen, I am fully aware that I don’t have the hardest gig in town right now.

I don’t have the shingles.

I’m not home bound.

I’m don’t have a mate that is facing…






…or any of a bazillion other debilitating, deadly, and hurtful diseases.

My husband has the shingles, but they will pass. One day they will be gone. The itching will stop, as the progression of blisters dissipate and the swollen skin recedes back to its normally functioning shape and size.  The shingles will move on (we hope!).  Some of these other diseases won’t!

Wives, not me, will be dealing with their mates “thorn in the flesh” far longer than I will be dealing with shingles—THIS I KNOW—and it gives me a new appreciation for the struggles those other women face every day, and the burdens they lovingly bear on strong and courageous shoulders.

Scripture tells us God will allow nothing to enter our grace zone that has not first passed by Him.  When the hard of life bears down on us, some days testing our last reserve of strength, He will fill us up again.  Miraculously, He will bring more hope, more courage, more determination, and a renewed and greater ability to put one foot in front of the other and soldier on, victoriously.

Yes, I say victoriously, because if trials and temptations build our faith and make us greater instruments of grace in this world, then “Wow, watch out, world,” because I know some pretty fierce and awesome Daughters of Eve out there that are becoming spiritual giants at an alarming rate.

Be afraid, Shadows of Darkness and evil in this world. Be very afraid!!!

Through tough times and sisterhood, God is building a mighty army of metaphorical skirts that are going to explode on our nation in just a little while, and when they do, Satan and his hoards are in deep, deep trouble.

I believe in the power of God to move through dedicated womanhood.  I know their strength. I’ve seen their power.  I wouldn’t want to come up against even one of them in a dark alley, by myself, when working in opposition to them.

Together, they can only grow stronger—a force that will not be put down.

Today, I salute my sisters in the battle against discouragement and depression. Together we will win the victory over death and disease.  Together, we can do anything.

Together with Jesus, we’re getting better and better, and better!!!!


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