Man says, “Show me and I’ll trust you.”

God says, “Trust me, and I’ll show you.”  –Anonymous

Have you ever doubted the goodness of men?  Me, too!  I sometimes doubt it to the extent that I lose sleep at night.  I doubt that what I share with others will be kept in confidence. I doubt that others will understand my intent as good.  I doubt that love will be returned when needs have been expressed.  I doubt.

Trusting in God through Christ we don’t need to doubt!

While I spend a good deal of time doubting men and women, even those of faith (my bad, and I admit it), I don’t doubt God.  I know that with Him I am understood.  My desires for a good return on my investment are always met with gains where God is concerned.  He never lets me down, always lifts me up, makes sure I feel affirmed, and love, love, loves me no matter what.  Where in the world can you get that deal outside of Jesus Christ?  Nowhere!

Today, as we begin a new year, if you don’t know Truth, I’m betting you don’t know Trust. It’s discouraging, I know, but there is hope.  Trust is available to every one of us as we freely give ourselves and our needs to God.  You don’t have to go through 2017 doubting God’s intentions for you. You can know true love, selfless concern, and boundless joy.  You can decide to trust God with your will and your way, and when you do, amazing things will happen.

My recommendation:  get started on this process now.  Don’t live one more day in doubt about God.  You do have a choice–choose Jesus!!!


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