A Word About Service


I can’t believe how often lately I have heard a message or read something about God wanting a relationship with me more than he wants my service.  In the beginning, it didn’t compute for me. I couldn’t understand the concept, probably because of the constant training I have received in church over the years. Every church I have ever attended had more work to be done than people to do it.  Consequently, the few who were willing to serve God in the church got all the work to do, while the many who weren’t willing did very little to lift that heavy load.

Our service equations are off in the church.

If you’ve ever pulled back when work needed to be done, you might be as confused as I have been these past few weeks. After all, wasn’t it Jesus who said the fields were white unto harvest?  Didn’t that mean we who were the faithful ought to get to work?

But which is more important, relationship or service? 

Think about that for a minute.

Maybe two….

Or three….

Which is more important, relationship or service?

If I walk into some man’s house, and I begin picking up his dirty clothes and washing them, will he be glad for it?  Won’t he think me wonderful for reorganizing his closet and dresser, sweeping and mopping his floors…making supper and getting all gussied up for him, so that when he does get home from a long day’s work the stage is set for a beautiful evening of me serving him?  He will, IF he knows me.  If not, I’m betting even the most courageous of guys would be like, “What?  Who are you anyway, and what are you doing in my house?  And did you wash my clothes?”

I’m betting he would be seriously rattled, and wayyyy too frightened of me to eat anything I’d cooked for him, even if it was the most delicious-looking meal ever. At least if he’s smart, he would.  He doesn’t know me!


Service is only meaningful once relationship has been established!

I’m beginning to understand. 

We have much to do in the church each week, but if we do it simply out of obligation it’s no better than not doing it at all.  Worse, really, because it cannot be appreciated the way it was intended to be without first establishing a connection to the one we do it for.

Time + Jesus = Joy!  

Service without Jesus equals sorrow. Which would you rather have?

When has service for Jesus failed, when time spent with Jesus didn’t?  How long has it been since you stopped pushing yourself to do more, and just let Jesus do a work in you? 


2 thoughts on “A Word About Service

  1. N. Bird says:

    This has been the message in my prayer and quiet time and on my heart of late! We truly are kindred spirits and Sisters and it is because we both have a desire for others to see our Father in us. Children of a loving Father want to be like him.

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    • lorihoose says:

      So true! I hope those who read this understand that I’m not saying service is of no value. I’m saying connection is the greater need and the place from which valuable service flows.

      Christ doesn’t need us to work in His church. He needs us to lean in to Him and find out which work He thinks is most valuable for us to do, then we need to do that and only that. As someone who is action oriented, I forget this, and need constant reminders. I know you understand, because yes, we do think alike! I’m so glad for that!!


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