Why Pray? Why Meditate?


Today I’m thinking about prayer and meditation, and how it opens my soul to receive from God those bits of information about me and my world that are most helpful in navigating that world.

In praying, I let God know what’s bugging me, how I feel about myself, the struggles I’m having today, and the fears that go along with those struggles.  I get it all out with him, because yeah, what is the point in holding back?  My God is my creator, a being who is able to see straight through me. He already knows what I’m thinking, and how I’m processing all the information that is coming in to me from a fallen world.  He knows when I’m feeling defeated, just as clearly as He knows my name.  He knows, too, when I’m feeling cocky and prideful.

Is “cocky” a word I should use as a woman of God?  Hmmm, I’ll have to think on that for a while.

Back to my writing on prayer and meditation…

When it comes to this practice, these things I know:

God wants me to talk to him, so I need to be doing it on a regular basis. It’s always good to keep the lines of communication open, especially with an all-powerful being who loves me as much as my God does.

The enemy doesn’t want me to pray, so he will fill my mind with distractions as soon as I begin. Evidence of this: My question about using the word “cocky” when writing about pride. The enemy wants me to bask in my pride, because when I do, I forget all about God and him.  In those moments, life is all about me, me, me, me!  Listen:  I am pretty special, but not that special.

I regularly hear from God when I regularly make time to be with God.

The truths God speaks to my soul during meditation on his Word are so true I cannot escape them. They are powerful and packed with wisdom, and come in the most convincing and gentle ways.  Even though correction comes gently to me from God, it also comes forcefully.  I know that I know that I know He has spoken when my heart is set on hearing and my mind it turned toward Him.

Spiritually speaking, there is not much I could do that would benefit me more each day than to pray. It also helps my fellows, as I hear from God what to say and what not to say to them when they have ruffled my feathers. Dun, dun, dun!

The regular practice of prayer makes me less fearful about talking to God. I don’t go days without praying–almost never have, but when I did, coming back to it was hard and meditation was impossible.  Regular practice of this discipline offers huge benefits, as I openly share real needs without fear.  Because I pray every day, all day, I’m not afraid to say anything to God in our times together.  Again: He already knows what I’m thinking and doing, so why would I not discuss it with Him?

Note: the discussion part of prayer and meditation is for my benefit, not God’s.  I need to get it out, let it go, turn it over.  Prayer helps me do that.  Prayer is my release valve and worship machine.  I love it!

Finally, regular time for meditation sharpens me as a believer. When I take time to slow down, reflect, listen and write (because God often speaks to me through writing), I hear all kinds of things that put my mind at ease.  God’s message to his children is one of hope.  He is a powerful king, with absolute rule over his kingdom and because He is, his assurances are rock solid.  On Him, you can depend!!!

I have never met anyone like my God.  All others are mere copies on the original and not half so magnificent!!!

Do you pray and meditate daily?  What is the best part of this discipline for you?


2 thoughts on “Why Pray? Why Meditate?

  1. N. Bird says:

    The best part of this discipline for me is that I find that I am much quicker to turn to God when a difficult situation comes up and find peace in turning it over to Him. And I don’t stress over things I know I can’t control like I used to.
    Every day God reminds me in some way that He is with me! I would miss that if I were not spending that time with Him daily.

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    • lorihoose says:

      Daily prayer and meditation time is sooo crucial to a vital God-life. I’m not sure there is any one discipline more important for those seeking a conscious contact with our Lord. Especially if you’re the kind that wants to hear His opinion before you make up yours. I know we share that desire!

      Not stressing over things we can’t control–man, is that practice empowering! Love, Love, LOVE it!!


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