My Personal Hope at Easter

As I turn my heart to thoughts of Easter and the Spirit of God, my heart is full of hope.

Hope that my God will be known by those I love and cherish in a deeper way in 2017.

Hope that God will continue that work He began in me, carving me into the image of His Son, Jesus.

Hope that this year I will understand more fully the calling my Lord has placed on my life.

Hope that in realizing my calling more fully, I will be able to live it out more fully.

Hope that love God has for my fellows will so overwhelm me that it is immediately evident to all.

Hope that every member of my family, immediate and extended, will come to understand how deep and wide, and long, is the love that God has for them and how eager is He to forgive.

Hope that our wee ones, and there are many in our family, will learn early and often to trust God with every part of their hearts, minds, and souls.

Hope that the next generation of our family will be faith-shakers, working through God’s mighty power to demolish strongholds, destroy arguments raised against God, and smash every pretension that sets itself up against God in our lives.

Hope that I will be tenderhearted toward friend and foe alike when mistakes are made or disappointments come, realizing that life is hard on this third rock from the sun and that all of us are fallible, save our King Jesus.

Hope that I will look upon the ones that have been oppressed, denied, trodden upon, and deserted with compassion, and make their way a little bit easier however I am able.

Hope that I will engage in the battle against deception, and not be a partner with it.

Hope that I can live a life fully surrendered to my Lord, no matter what that may cost me or where it may take me.

Hope that I will daily, more fully, and with complete acceptance of His calling receive from God whatever He deems necessary for my sanctification, be it hurtful, hard, joyous, or glad in design.

Hope that I will listen more, speak less, offer grace, pursue justice, embrace mercy, and constantly, without end, live a life that pursues holiness in all it’s forms.

Hope that when someone comes to me for help, I will be patient and attentive to their need and wait for God to speak His answer, instead of running ahead to give mine.

Hope that I would find in God, if not men and women, forgiveness to sooth me, understanding for my mortal failings, and wisdom to assist me in being a better person.

Hope that I will never do anything that brings shame to my Savior!

Hope that I will be the best friend, employee, parent, daughter, sister, aunt, and role model I can be, God being my helper and constancy.

Hope that as I open myself to Jesus, others will see in me that One who has the power to save, redeem, empower, and energize me for the battles ahead, for there may be many.

Hope that I will never, ever, for the rest of my days depend on any human to validate my existence, and that I will always and forever rely only on my Jesus to give me value in this world.  Doing this, I think I might be able to bring honor to His Name and His Cause. This is my fondest wish, Lord Jesus.  Please, make it so!

What hope do you have at Easter?  How would you like Jesus to touch you this year, and what change would you hope to see from such intimate contact with Him?


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