Its in our attitude

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.  Song of Solomon 4:7

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  –Winston Churchill

As we edge our way closer to Mother’s Day, we think it proper to brag on the women in our midst, just a lil bit.  We don’t want to cause any pride spillovers, mind you, or put any stumbling blocks in anyone’s way, but come on—The women in my life, yeah, they are awesome!  Deserving of my praise!

Let’s give it up to the softer side of our church family—the amazingly talented and dedicated women in our midst. We are so glad to have them brightening our lil corner of God’s kingdom!

You’re amazing, ladies, and we love you!

Smart women of God everywhere know that a good attitude wins the day!  From the moment their loved ones crawl out of bed in the morning until they tuck them back in at night, godly moms never stop teaching, teaching, teaching through their actions.

Words, deeds, hugs, story time, and even spankings can be building blocks to greatness when the attitude is right. A woman with a good attitude can build empires and steadily ready the next generation for greatness through love and perseverance.

Ladies, our attitudes as we approach each new day have the power to either win the victory or send us to the deepest dungeons of regret.

In most cases, the choice is ours.

We can either trust in God, and get ‘er done with a thankful heart, or we can moan and complain, feel insufficient to the task, and end our day on a sour note.

Today as we go to prayer, ladies, let’s lead with an attitude of gratitude for all the great things God has done in our families, and most of all for our Jesus!

Attitude is a little things that can make a big difference. May ours be always and only shaped by our King.

Who is that lady in your life that shaped and molded you in godly ways?  How are you shaping and molding the lives around you with your attitude?  


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