Do what the Lord has commanded. See to it; you have my orders.  Joshua 8:8

The book of Joshua is an amazing chronicle of the early years for Israel, post-slavery; the years after living on sand dunes; the years when manna disappeared.  In those early years men donned their battle gear and went to war, with the result being that lands rapidly changed hands.

Joshua’s record of Jewish history conveys the amazing story of how God led his people out of misery and made provision for them in a land flowing with milk and honey.  It wasn’t all easy peasy though, this claiming of the land. Strategies had to be plotted, lessons learned, and “beginning again” was so often the case that the concept of starting over could have been adopted as their national anthem.

Do what the Lord has commanded. See to it; you have your orders.

As God’s man on the Canaan frontier, Joshua knew that getting the job done depended on a few important principles.

1.  Purify yourself so you can hear God’s command clearly before you begin.

2.  Whatever the Lord commands, do that and only that!

3.  Never, ever let fear or the persuasive voices around you keep you from doing what God has called you to do.

4.  Remember: Your strength does not depend on flesh, nor blood, nor even mental acuity. This is God’s fight!

Today, as we go to prayer for ourselves and others, are we ready to “do what the Lord has commanded,” or do we think our way might be a better way?  It’s not.

Rushing into battle unprepared can spell disaster for you and yours. Much better, is the way of the Almighty. Take time to hear it today in prayer. Take time to perform it.  Take time to be the leader God’s calling you to be in your circle of influence today.

See to it!  You have His orders!!

How has taking the time to listen before acting helped you serve God better?  What have been some nasty consequences for you when you didn’t take that time to listen and hear, before moving into action?


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