It’s gonna be okay!

The whole assembly grumbled against the leaders, but all the leaders answered, “We have given them our oath by the Lord, the God of Israel, and we cannot touch them now.  Joshua 9:18-19

Have you ever been conned?  Ever taken in by a lie?  Ever deceived into protecting someone who you shouldn’t have been protecting?

Maybe you’ve hurt someone with your decision when you believed your decision was rock solid, to find after the fact that you didn’t have all the facts.  Oh, me, too!  It stinks!

Regrettably, being a believer doesn’t shield you from these kinds of experiences.

Lesson learned!

I’ve also learned that as believers, we need to check-in with God before we make any decision, and when we check in, we need to be sure that we are as neutral in our thinking as possible.  We need to go to God with minds that are clean slates, open to His ways–ready to embrace his methods of doing, guiding and leading. We need to let go of preconceived notions about what is right and proper, because we don’t know everything there is to know about everything. Not knowing puts us in a compromised position.

When we go to God for advice, we need to let God speak, and we need to be willing to do what He tells us to do. Period.

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Did I hear an Amen to that?!

Here’s the thing:  We are not always close enough to God to hear Him when he whispers out his warnings, and sad are we when we have not heard, for it is then that bad things happen.

Joshua 9 is the story of deception and intrigue among nations. I love the tale, because it makes clear to me that even a mighty warrior like Joshua had trouble, sometimes, knowing who to help and who to pass by.  In the third through thirteenth verses of chapter 9, we see a major spy campaign taking place. One that leans heavily on trickery, and seeks to see Joshua undone.

Here, Joshua missteps.

Here, Joshua is taken in by a con-man.

The results are regrettable!

The Good News in this story, though—and folks, there is ALWAYS good news where God is concerned–is that Joshua’s mistake is not a doom-sealer.  It’s not the end of life as it could have been for Israel. It’s not even all that horrible.  Why? Because, God!  God was in the mix and He’d taken charge of Israel.  He’d decided to be their Power, Protector, and Provision in this strange and scary land He’d given to them.

With God, good things happen!

I’m not going to tell you the end of the story for Joshua and the fighting Hebrews.  You’ll have to find a Bible and find the book of Joshua, and read it for yourself.  I could never do justice to what God has already provided in His Word, so I’m not going to try.  Go, seek, find. You’ll be glad you did. Then circle back around and leave a one-word comment on this blog post. One word that struck you as significant as you read through Joshua 9?  Inquiring minds want to know what your one word would be.

Remember, I’ll be waiting!!! What is your ONE-word SIGNIFICANT thought?

When has God been your Power in a time of need? When has He been your Protector?

ps: you can leave more than a one-word comment if you want.  I take two, three, and ever four word comments all the time on my blog! 😉


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