So you struggle with Meditation? Me, too!

I know many people struggle with meditation. Knowing what it is. Understanding how it works.  Getting on board with it every day.

I used to struggle with it, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew how to pray; my life circumstances taught me how to ask for things from God. I knew what my needs were, and I don’t think I was ever afraid to ask for them to be met; but to be quiet in order to listen and receive from God (when active talking and sharing by people was not going on), that I found to be incredibly hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a pretty good listener when it comes to family and friends, so why was I having so much trouble hearing God?

Below, is a chronicle of my journey to better meditative times with God. I hope writing about this topic helps those of you who struggle with your own ability to hear Him.

Know this before you read further:  The One who loves you endlessly, yearns to spend more time with you today!

First, let me say that I’ve learned how effective writing can be for me in finding satisfaction in my meditation times.  Writing, I can do! Writing is my passion, so reading the sacred texts and then writing what I discover in them has been as natural a practice for me as breathing is for others.  I know not everyone loves to write, but almost everyone can write, and even if what you write is no more than one-liners about your time with God, I encourage you to write more to boost your meditation satisfaction.

Next, I will tell you that I attend a program for eating disorders, and have done so for many years. This program helped me to lose 100 lbs and keep 85 of that number off my body for more than 15 years.  I am not where I want to be with my weight (is anyone, ever?), but I am a whole lot further along the path to healthy than I was before program.  The program I attend has taught me how to reach out to the God of my understanding and gain insight and hope from Him in order to change my life.  It works when I work it!

Last September,  I added to my other program, The Healing Journey Class.  THJ is where I learned to journal my Significant Thoughts.  After reading God’s Word, and letting it soak into my soul, I almost always come away from it with a few central thoughts in mind.  TJH taught me how to focus that down to one significant thought.  It taught me to ask the question: What one thing is God trying to communicate to me in this reading?  Less is more in my opinion, so being taught by how to focus on one significant  thought has worked wonderfully for me!

Finally, and most recently, I’ve been introduced to the Two-Way Prayer method for meditating.  It has revolutionized my prayer and Scripture reading times.  It has brought God’s voice closer to me and increased my intimacy with Him more than anything I’ve done in a long, long time.

As I begin to receive God’s response to me in my meditation sessions, I begin my writing with a loving salutation, like “Dear One,” or “My Child…” This gets me going in a loving direction from the start.  I’m amazed and awed by what I’ve heard from God in my meditation moments since employing this method.

Each time I meditate using the Two-Way Prayer method, I find I feel closer to God. Like He’s right there in the writing with me, speaking to me like a true and intimate friend, guiding my thoughts and revealing more of Himself with every session I enter into.  I love this new and exciting way of meditating.  Maybe you will love it, too.

I believe that God wants to speak to this generation, but with all the electronics we have hanging off us continually, and with all the opportunities this busy world provides to drown out God’s voice, it’s hard to hear Him.  Therefore, any attempt we can make to hear the Lord more clearly and be guided by Him more precisely is a good, good thing.

Today, I have a more fulfilling life as a Christian because of taking time to be with God, opening His Bible daily, attending a recovery program that specifically addresses my problem areas,  signing up for The Healing Journey classes, and incorporating the Two-Way Prayer method on a regular basis.  These are what help me to hear God better and respond to Him in more appropriate ways.  Maybe one or all of them could help you, too.  Why not try and see?

God is waiting to fill you with hope and understanding. Will you allow Him to do it today?

Is the time you spend with God a fulfilling time, or is it a time of struggle for you?  What method have you used  for increasing your intimacy with God?


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