20 ways I could be more like Jesus

This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.  1 John 2:5b-6

Having recently finished up the book of Joshua for my Bible reading and devotional times, I went back to my prayer jar and pulled another tab.  1 John!  I’m excited, and I’m already learning from this teeny, tiny epistle.  Before I share with you my impressions from 1 John, though, I want to briefly comment on Joshua.

Can I say I love the book of Joshua? I do!  There is so much goodness I have gleaned from the story of Moses’ No. 1 right hand guy taking over the leadership of the Hebrew people after his death.  I love, too, that the book begins with a warning to be strong and not fearful, and to take off your shoes, for where you stand is holy ground. When I’m in the Word, I’m treading on holy ground. It was nice to be reminded of that.  It was also nice to be reminded how God worked through Joshua to confront sin, both personally and in his family of origin.  Joshua was one of two guys who believed God as he scoped out the land beyond the Jordan. There were 12 in all, but only Joshua and Caleb came back with confidence in their stride and speech, believing victory could be claimed in God’s Name.  I loved that Caleb is still alive and full of vim and vigor when the land gets divided up among the tribes, finally.  He’s 85 at that point and a self-proclaimed he-man ready to clear the land and defend her against all invaders, foreign or domestic.  What a guy. Shows you what good (God) living can do for a fellar.  Yay, Caleb.

Speaking of what a good living can do for you, I’ll switch over to 1 John and write a lil bit about the challenge I found there.

Whoever claims to live in him [God] must live as Jesus did (1 John 2:6).

Reading that statement in Scripture made me think.  How did Jesus live, and how would my life need to change in order to better reflect how he lived?  Here is the short list of what I came up with after thinking on it for a few minutes. I’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

If I were to live more like Jesus, I’d have to…

Eat more fish.

Walk more.

Socialize with others more.

Worship more frequently.

Be quiet before God more often.

Always believe.

Forgive, forgive, forgive, holding nothing back.

Embrace controversy.

Be fearless.

Surrender to God more fully.

Give sin no wiggle room in my life.

Listen and obey.

Love on little kids more.

Make time for what matters.

Feed the hungry.

Cloth the needy.

Visit prisoners.

Make life personal.

When hurt, refuse to show it.

Accept what comes, with contentment and grace.

Honestly speaking, I’d have to change a lot about my current way of relating to this world to be more like Jesus.  My two biggest hurdles would be accepting what comes with contentment and grace, and visiting prisoners more. I don’t think I’ve done the former often enough, and I’ve never done the later.

What would you add to the Live-More-Like-Jesus Checklist above?  Where are you excelling in this discipline, and where are you falling flat on your face, and/or need to improve?



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