Things I wish I could say and have people really, truly listen

I wish I could reach out and grab every over-indulging drinker, smoker, sugar-addict, and drug user in their infancy and say…

“Don’t Do It!  Don’t make yourself a slave to these things.  Don’t waste your life, and don’t waste your money.  Too quickly casual use turns to addictive dependency.  These, these are the things you don’t NEED.  Not now, anyway, but that could change in a flash…in the blink of an eye. Quickly, what we thought we could control becomes our master.  We never think it will…we never plan for it to happen. We never wake up one morning and think ‘Gee, I would love to be out of control, illegally linked to criminals, and ready to flush my life away or exchange it for a fix!’ We don’t know ahead of time who will be addicted by these substances and/or behaviors, and who won’t.  Don’t start down that road. Please, think again.”

Have you ever struggled with addiction?  Do you love someone who has?


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