Change Challenge

Some of you know I’ve joined a CHANGE CHALLENGE this month. Actually, this challenge will last through July and August of 2017.  What it amounts to is a daily challenge to CHANGE up my habits and try new things. I love it, because I get to decide where the challenge will take me over the next two months.

I get to decide what I want to change-up in my life each day.

I get to decide what is important enough to me to be changed.

I get to have a hand in creating a new Lori by the time autumnal tones take over northeastern PA this year.

I’m excited about the challenge and the changes/chances I’m expecting to take over the next six weeks, so naturally I wanted to share a few of the more significant ones with my readers.

Today is July 12th 2017, but really only Day 7 of the challenge, because we started this thing after the July 4th holiday.

My change made last night has me feeling pretty special and needed, and loved this morning.  Here’s what I experienced when I decided to do a new things last night:

Day 12 Change Challenge:

My life changed when I went to VBS and served as a helper last night.

I have not helped out during VBS in decades. Little kids on hectic schedules is not my thing.

I like organization. structure. thoughtful processes. adult conversation.

Still, I “think” I did okay with the kiddos last night. I will share that I was delighted by some of the kids in the group to which I was assigned. One little boy in particular…so cute, so tired, so distracted, and so I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-others-adorable sticks out in my mind as my reason for being at VBS last night.

Isn’t it grand that God calls us to the ones that need us most?

Or do we need them?  Hmmmm, there’s some food for thought.

Either way, I was undone by that lil cutie. I probably won’t be able to help out with VBS again this week (that scheduled organization thing that rules my life is happening), but last night…yeah, last night was nice.

As an aside to all the talk about my feelings, this:  One little glamour girl decided to decorate her hard hat with a load of bling.  It caught my eye and my camera lens, so I’m going to share a picture of that hat and the line up I found it in last night.

So. Much. Bedazzling.  I love it!!!



Do you help out with VBS at your church in the summer time? What is your favorite all-time memory of VBS from childhood?


4 thoughts on “Change Challenge

  1. N. Bird says:

    I have in the past helped in VBS but try to stear clear of the very little ones (I prefer working with the teens) but God does have a sense of humor because I have been drafted to help my sister in law this year and you guessed it, it will involve those little blessings with so much energy, yikes. However hearing of your experience I am inspired to find the joy of the Lord in His service to them.

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