What if strength is my only option?

Because change is on my mind, and I know with it comes adversity, I wanted to share a blog post I read this morning that spoke to both, borrowed from The Seeds of Life website.

I’ve often felt like others weren’t as thrilled with the changes I’ve made as I was, but I’ve learned that I can’t let that stop me from changing.  Change is inevitable. Adversity, too.  Best we learn how to make of them the best that we can, because change is a constant, and adversity isn’t going away anytime soon.  Right?!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.  

Let me hear your thoughts on the subject: Change or Adversity, either one, and how you rose above your circumstances to find a new you that you liked better than the old one.

I’m all ears, so share freely….

Now, this, from The Seeds 4 Life website

When have you made a planned change in your life? What made you decide THEN was the right time to change?



2 thoughts on “What if strength is my only option?

  1. N. Bird says:

    The best picture of change and adversity I have ever seen is in the allegory written by Hannah Hurnard many years ago, “Hinds Feet on High Places”
    A story of a young crippled girl who wishes to go to the high places where the good shepherd is but in order to do that there will need to be “change” and that change will not come easy because the road is difficult and steep. A great and encouraging read about change and adversity walking and climbing together for sure. Probably my favorite book!

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