Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m beginning my week with writing about my quiet time once again, and the prayer jar I’ve talked about in the past.  Last Friday I finished up my reading in Romans, and was jones-in’ for my next pick from the prayer jar, but wanted to wait until another busy weekend had passed before I drew a new tab.

Can I say I’m loving the way this thing is going?  I’m loving how God is directing my Bible reading!!

I rubbed my eyes awake this morning with one thought on my mind, picking another tab from the jar.  I was so excited.

I prayed, then picked, and do you know what my finger found?



This will be my SECOND reading from the book of Ezekiel in three months-time.  I think God must have a message for me in this peculiar book of prophecy.

Such an odd little book, but here I go…

Do you have a systematic way for reading through God’s Word?  What is your favorite passage from the book of Ezekiel?


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