Back to Basics for a New Year

steve curtis chapman

Morning Meditations have kinda gone by the wayside for me during the holidays.

Time to reflect?  What’s that?  Recently, though, I’ve heard the Spirit whispering that it’s time to get back to the heart of worship, which for me is writing. Reading God’s word and recording my reflections on it, that’s where my strength comes from and it’s where I find myself most in awe of God.  As He reveals himself to me through His Word, I get excited about the possibilities of being in closer conscious contact with Him.  And Jesus–what the Word has to say about Jesus–it’s inspired and inspiring. On the rough days, especially on the rough days, I need to hear His message of hope.

Today, I’m back at it.  Reading his Word, sharing my thoughts, and trying to make sense of this life one post at a time. Today’s meditations: Food and Food behaviors, cuz yeah, it’s a new year and although I no longer make resolutions, I thirst for change just like everyone else.  My New Year’s topic:  Sanity vs Insanity, and some reflections on how insane eating affects my life.


I am alive today, and as a living being, I’m able to take in air and let out air. I’m able to move around, somewhat unencumbered. I’m able to pray, talk, eat… It’s that last one that often causes me problems. I eat the wrong things. I eat too much. I don’t move enough. I am insane when it comes to diet and food habits/behaviors for someone who wishes herself thinner and healthy. But all hope is not lost. I know ONE who knows exactly what I need to do to get my life together and to live longer, better, and/or wiser and more obediently.  The question is which of those things God wants me to do most often.

Live longer?
Live better?
Live wiser?
Live more obediently?

I pause to pray.

The answer I get is the last item on this list. Obedience is Queen!

If I will listen. If I will lean in. If I will care about and even cherish God’s opinion on my food and food behaviors, including exercise, I will find that I’m living longer, better and wiser every day. Why, then, do I not do this? What would it look like for me to do it?

I pause to pray.

The answers come:

Incorporate more joy into your life.
Live in the moment more.
See Me!
Recognize My voice.
Serve others.
Be authentically awed at how I direct you.
Don’t fret
Let Me lead.

I wonder…how do I do these things in practical ways?

I pause to pray.

The answers come…

Joy has always been hard for me, but God suggests it would be easier if I lived more often in the moment, stopped planning so far in advance, stopped mandating myself to follow my plan-seek His. If I will be more authentic and speak my truth more often, in caring but authentic ways, and if I will fret less and trust more and rely on Him more, and let Him lead the way more, I will find joy!

It’s in Letting Go and Letting God have the moments of my day and the desires of my heart that I find peace and serenity.

The world is full of strife, but I don’t have to play along with its game. I can let go of what all those others (people, places, organizations and systems), want me to do. I can rest in doing only what God asks of me.

This is peace. This is grace. This is where I need to be. This is today’s goal!!

Then God will give you peace, a peace which is too wonderful to understand. That peace will keep your hearts and minds safe as you trust in Christ Jesus.

Here, my brothers, are some things I want you to think about. Think about things that are true, honest, right, clean and pure, things that are lovely, and things that are good to talk about. If they are good, and if they bring praise to God, think about these things. Philippians 4:7-8 MSG

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