Grinding out a Mountain

mole hill

Are you someone who likes to grind it out? I mean by that, someone who doesn’t give up easily, tends to hold a grudge, or has a proclivity for pettifogging?

That last one, it grabbed you didn’t it? Come on, admit it.

Pettifogging: Placing undue emphasis on petty details.

This week I’ve been reminded by God several times that I need to let go of a grudge I’ve been holding onto. I’m miffed. Someone didn’t do what I thought they ought to do, and now I’m upset. It’s not like they did some big, horrible, awful, life-changing-for-me thing.

No, they didn’t.  They just didn’t do what I thought they ought.

It’s funny how when I get stuck in a loop like I’ve been lately, God reaches out to address the area of concern over and over, and over again. Can you say, “As many times as it takes to get your attention”?

Maybe not so funny. After all, He is in the refiner’s business, transforming lives through grace, patience, and consideration for everyone.

Not Just Me!!!!

Pray for me. Maybe I’m alone in this pettifogging business, but maybe I’m not. If you’re there with me (making a mountain out of a mole hill and digging yourself deeper into sin debt with each passing day), hit me up. I’d love to pray for you!

When have you been pettifogging and didn’t realize it?  What do you do when you get caught in a negative thought loop?

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