Thankful and Protected

You prepare a table for me, in the presence of my enemies…my cup overflows. Psalm 23 NIV

Think about the promise God makes to his faithful ones in Psalm 23.

A safe and good place to lie down; to rest, relax, recharge and refresh.
A walk beside still waters. No tsunami or flooding anywhere in sight.
Restoration of our souls when they are worn and weary.
A path that is right, that we will know is right and that will enable us to walk alongside God every day, so that His name might not be tarnished by the actions of our frail humanity.

The Lord offers protection for us on those days when we are called to walk the valley of the shadow of death–even death. How many times were we very nearly run off a cliff, and then snatched back from the brink? How many close calls have not resulted in our destruction? How many bad plans and faulty schemes by ourselves and others have we been saved from?

God causes us to live boldly, fearing no evil; not because we are so very powerful or brave, but because our hand is firmly holding His and that means safety and protection at all times. He is with us! His presence and the knowledge of his protective might comfort us. No wolves dare approach us, for they see his rod and staff a long way off.

The oil.

The cup overflowing with His goodness.

The days, moving into eternity, each one set apart for the development of an even greater and more intimate relationship with our God—these, these are our promises from Psalm 23. Today, let’s live in them, and be thankful!

When has God saved you from the brink of the cliff?  What are you thankful for today?


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