Shipwrecked or Saved?

In the day of my trouble I will call to you, for you will answer me. Psalm 86:7 NIV

It is the trial of our faith that is precious. If we go through the trial, there is so much wealth laid up in our heavenly bank account to draw upon when the next test comes. –Oswald Chambers

The following is a devotional from the little book Inspired Faith: 365 Days a Year and is titled, “Shipwrecked.” Enjoy!

“Paul knew something about storms. A man of the world and accustomed to international travel before and after his conversion, he experienced plenty of rough waters and on one occasion was shipwrecked (Acts 27:39-44).

On that occasion, Paul and his shipmate had a very specific message from God: Obey and you will be saved. Every single person made it to shore alive—even though the ship itself was torn apart.

When the waters we are sailing on grow turbulent, it’s easy to get our eyes off what matters and try some desperate moves. In financial storms, some have stolen and swindled; in relationship storms, some have been unfaithful; in storms at work, some have falsified reports and cheated on margins. The only sure way to get safely to shore is through simple obedience to God’s will for our lives.”

Lord, give us even greater resolve to do what is right when storms rage around us. Amen.

What is your way to safety during this viral season of life?  Who do you depend upon when the waters turn turbulent?

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